Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Product Review: Wee Essentials Diaper Wipe Cubes

Photo Courtesy of Candace at Wee Essentials

Wee Essentials is a fantastic company that with the motto “Living Life Naturally” , and we can get behind that! We now feature their products in our store (and on the site) too!  More specifically, we feature the cool soap cubes that you can use to make your own baby wipes, which is a perfect fit for the natural family lifestyle!  Also, 10% of every item that Wee Essentials sells goes to charity via the Global Hunger Relief Fund or funding aid in Haiti.  

We’ve recently started carrying the Wee Essentials soap cubes that you can use to make your own cloth diaper wipes.  The product is stunningly simple to use and really effective.  You mix 1-2 cubes of soap and a cup of water in a microwave safe bowl, then microwave and stir every 10-15 seconds until the soap is melted and stirred in well.  Store the solution in an airtight container and try to use within 48 hours.

I really love this product and can see us using it A LOT.  My young son, Owen is allergic to a lot of skin products, so even unscented wipes can give him rashes.  We switched to cloth diapers when we figured out he was allergic to regular disposable diapers and cloth wipes as well.  I had originally just simply use my own handmade cloth wipes that I wet with water to wipe him up, but sometimes he needed something with a bit of cleanser or moisturizing products because his skin gets so irritated.

When it was time to change Owen, or wipe him up after a meal, I simply dipped one of my cloth wipes in the solution, wrung it out gently, and used it.  The solution works astonishingly well- his skin didn’t get irritated and he got cleaned up so much easier!  We tried the Honeyed Almond scent, and he didn’t react badly to it being scented at all.  It smells terrific.  The line has a lot of scents and unscented too, if your baby’s skin is particularly delicate.  The glycerin and Shea butter in the cube solution also helps keep your baby’s skin moisturized nicely, without a reaction also.

My husband even tried a bit on a wipe for his hands after cleaning up one of Owen’s messier diapers.  My husband also has really sensitive skin, and he even noted that his hands felt softer and cleaner with the soap solution.  In fact, everyone in my household has used a wipe or two with the soap solution and been happy with the results.  I think you will be happy with trying them out for your household too! If you do, let us know here how it works for you!

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