Monday, April 6, 2015

Are You Going to Feed Your Baby Human Milk?

We talk a lot about breastfeeding here on this blog.

But what if you are just thinking about nursing and not yet 100% sure how you are going to feed your precious babe?

Well, how about some information to help you make a good decision?

*Most of the following info was taken from A Parent's Guide to Breastfeeding, 9th Edition by Amy Spangler

  • Helps new moms lose weight gained during pregnancy more easily
  • Reduces the risk of breast, uterine, and ovarian cancer in moms
  • Improves bone thickness in moms and reduces the risk of osteoporosis and hip fractures as they grow older

Formula Fed Babies

  • Have more diarrhea and constipation
  • Are more likely to become obese children
  • Have more respiratory and ear infections
  • Are more likely to develop chronic health issues
  • Are more likely to develop diabetes

Human Milk is designed for Human Babies!
  • It changes to meet the needs of your growing baby (formula cannot do that!)
  • It is easier to digest than formula (less gas, colic, and spitting up)
  • It contains over 200 nutrients to protect your baby's health
  • Helps increase your baby's IQ
  • Lowers risk of asthma, colic, food allergies, and eczema
  • Reduces the chance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
  • It's the PERFECT food!
Breastfeeding is convenient (there's no mixing or warming) and it promotes mama-baby bonding.

Any amount of breast milk is good for your baby. But research has shown that babies breastfed exclusively for 6 months are healthier. Your baby is worth the time and effort. Breastfeeding is easier than you think!

"Breastfeeding is a learned skill, like riding a bicycle, only this bicycle is built for two! While many mothers and babies breastfeed without difficulty, others require help, especially in the early weeks. Fortunately, the breastfeeding problems featured in the media are rare, but serve to remind parents and professionals that breastfeeding is a skill that requires not only patience and persistence but knowledge and support." ~Amy Spangler, MN, RN, IBCLC

If you need support in your breastfeeding journey, make sure to join us at Educated Mommy on Thursday evening (6:30 pm) for our Breastfeeding Support Group! We also have Milk Monologues every Wednesday afternoon at 1:00 pm. We are here to help you wherever you are! 

We'll see you soon :)


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's All New to Me

So this morning I did something that I've never done before.

I used a *real* pump to extract my milk so my sweet baby can eat when I'm not here.

Wow. I didn't realize the emotions that would go along with doing such a thing. I mean, there are thousands of moms that do it every day from the beginning. I am 5 months into baby number 3 and have done it just now.

I've helped moms get through pumping. I've given them tips and advice on how to do it effectively. I've researched ways to increase supply so that when they do pump they are getting enough to feed their sweet babe. But I had never actually done it myself.

I mean....I've never needed to.

Since our first arrived more than seven years ago now, I've always worked from home. I've been able to feed on demand and have just gotten really good at juggling baby, boob, and work....multi-tasking at its finest.

For the first time in my breastfeeding career, I'm needing to pump for the times that I'm not around, which is more often than it ever was with our first two babes.

So, why so emotional? I'm honestly not sure. It's such a mixture of emotions. I mean, I'm going to get to go somewhere and stay longer than two whole hours!? Oh, the FREEDOM that thought brings! I'm going to feel like I'm missing an arm or something if she's not with me, I think, though - ha!

And then there's the thought of actually *leaving* her. I mean....I have to leave her. For real. I'm going to walk out the door and not have to have my Rebekah Scott Designs "Phoebe" packed to the brim with clean diapers, a change of clothes if needed, toys to keep her entertained, and my Sakura Bloom. I'm not going to always be the one feeding/soothing/comforting her anymore.

I've always been the one to soothe/comfort/feed all of the kids. She'll be the first one that's not true for.


Oh, it'll be ok. And honestly the thought of not having to worry about her and her hunger needs when I'm not home is really super comforting. Like thousands of other moms, I will just have to be diligent about pumping so I have enough for her when I'm not here, and I just need to remember what I have told countless other moms: I'm pumping to feed her - I'm not feeding the freezer ;). As long as I have enough for her each day I'm not here, that's all I need.

Today I did pretty good for my first time. I got a whole ounce out of the breast that she had just eaten from, and a lot more from my "over-producing" side.

I feel good about it and I'm looking forward to our new venture as a breastfeeding/pumping/bottle-feeding mama-baby team. get her to take a bottle. Hmmm. This could be interesting! ;)


Friday, March 27, 2015


Who doesn't love shoes?! Especially super-cute adorable ones made with love for your baby's sweet feet! Meet Becky of Lexiebugs....and enter to win a pair in our "Girls Package" giveaway (Tomorrow is the last day to enter, so get your purchases made in-store or online soon!)!


I am Becky Preheim from a farm near Marion, SD where my husband Bob and I raise our beautiful 4 kids Colten, Lexie, Brody, and Brinley.  I am a full time mom, wife, nurse and shoe maker.  Lexiebugs is my little shoe business that I created all by chance. Five years ago my husband and I moved our family out to his family farm.  To occupy my free time I started sewing and made my daughter Lexie a pair of shoes.    Well that first winter on the farm was one of the worst and one of my friends had just had a baby girl.  Due to the road conditions I couldn't make it in to Sioux Falls to get a gift.  So I thought I would make her a pair of the shoes too.  From that one pair that I made for her I then got an additional 7 orders from other people that saw the shoes.  That was how my business was born.  I call them Lexiebugs because that is exactly what I call Lexie all the time.  She is my Lexiebug.  
I love making these shoes.  Each and every pair I make is made with love and to perfection.  I use them and love them and I want others to have them too because they truly are the cutest and easiest shoes to slip on tiny feet.  I also love hearing from people how much they love them too.  I started this business only making one size and through opinions of others I now make 4 different sizes.  My goal is to just keep making these shoes and bringing cuteness to baby's feet.  I enjoy making them and can't imagine stopping anytime soon!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Debbie Hubbard Photography

And for today's featured sponsor, check out Debbie Hubbard Photography!

Debbie Hubbard Photography opened it's doors for business just over three years ago.  It has been wonderful to get to know my clients and provide them with portraits they can cherish for generations.  I specialize in baby and child photography.  I just love their spark and authenticity that is so fun to capture.  I also enjoy photographing Seniors, Engagements/couples, and families.  

You can follow my work on Facebook here:

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rebekah Scott Designs

And now on to one of our most favorite bag-maker of ever, Rebekah Scott Designs! They have donated a Jill to our giveaway, so you probably definitely want to get some entries dropped into that one! ;)

Rebekah Scott Designs

Style, Panache, and Deeply Rooted Inspiration compose Rebekah Scott Designs.

Rebekah’s spark for textile style began at the age of four, with her mom’s scraps and her very own little sewing machine. During college and the early meager married days, she developed her own purses for gifts. Soon presents became purchases and a new business was born. A full decade later, Rebekah Scott Designs has grown into a federally trademarked and direct sales brand. In addition to the original popular purses, the brand now includes a children’s accessory line called Olive Branch.

Located on a farm in Valley Springs, South Dakota, Rebekah’s studio keeps her rooted to her loves – both her purses and her three growing tots. She is inspired by the chaos of daily life of motherhood and womanhood. By keeping her heart close to home, she’s been able to keep her home close to her heart.

Rebekah Scott Designs are both practical and posh. Each of her uniquely designed bags and purses are made of lush, vibrant fabrics. Each design stems from a particular obstacle in Rebekah’s every day life. After designing a bag to solve the problem, she names the bag after someone special in her life. Each bag contains ample pockets including a place for keys and a shallow pocket for easy storage. Created on an industrial sewing machine and serger, the bags stand up against washing machine cleaning and every day living. Women find that Rebekah Scott Designs hold up, as they juggle life, families, children, and careers. With splashy hues and modern textiles, the various designs let women express their personalities even while they pour themselves into the lives of others. 

Rebekah’s Olive Branch line was inspired by the addition of her daughter Iversyn to the family. With the philosophy that every girl needs a cute pair of shoes, Rebekah designed her own. Believing every day an outfit should be fabulous, Rebekah Scott Designs’ line also includes unique accessories for every stylish gal.

Rebekah’s team is a woven fabric of creative moms and women who desire to stay at home. She values that decision that women choose to make and love to make. She desires to help women express themselves through the bags they wear and the ones they sell. Rebekah remains at the helm – designing fabrics, creating new accessories, and sewing bags, with little ones discovering near by.

Rebekah’s entrepreneurial spirit flows naturally and contagiously from her heart. She loves to help women find their passionate path, with work and at home. Rebekah organizes accountability groups for female entrepreneurs and shares inspirational videos to encourage women in their own desires. 

Rebekah has always been aware of the true root of her talents. She knows that every gift she has comes from above and she credits God for every blessing she enjoys. Toting a tot on one hip and a rocking purse on the other, Rebekah Scott is ready for life’s next project!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Essentially Blessed Boutique

Another awesome sponsor of our great Anniversary Giveaway!

Essentially Blessed Boutique started with a few friends asking, "Hey, can you make me some of that?!?" (Un-petroleum jelly and face scrubs) From this simple start and a love of all things natural, much experimenting with recipes began. I feel blessed by so many people in our community who have supported me along the way! I truly know a lot of great people, who endeavor to support small businesses and are committed to seeking more natural products for their families. Thanks to them, my business now includes about 12 different products, in varying sizes and scents, and I have three new ones to debut this summer.
I can be contacted via Facebook at or can get messages at 605-361-9584. I ship anywhere within the US, and will have an Etsy page added by mid-April for out-of-state shipping convenience. I am also excited to announce that this month Essentially Blessed will be in its first retail location at Down to Earth Boutique. We look forward to adding locations to this, to make it convenient to get the products that you need at any time!
Essentially Blessed was pleased to get to donate a facial oil, facial scrub, and a bath bomb to help Elegant Mommy celebrate! The facial oil uses a powerful combination of organic borage, hemp, hazelnut, and grapeseed oils, as well as essential oils to target all skin types. Oils are critical for our faces to break up the deep impurities in our pores before they become something unsightly. The frankincense essential oil is fabulous at softening the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles, naturally! The lavender is instrumental in keeping acne at bay, in acne prone skin. I have even heard lightening of red patches, as well as some tightening of overly large pores on skin with this blend. The BEST part, this oil blend is very light, and leaves no greasy feel like so many oils do. The Honey Bunny face scrub is a customer favorite. Everyone wants beautiful skin, but sometimes life provides challenges for keeping it that way! Pamper your face or body with our completely natural sugar scrub. Enriched with moisturizing oils, vitamin e oil, and antibacterial honey, this blend soothes, while exfoliating and providing deep moisture. And our newest product, Magnesium Bath Bombs, kind of *are* the bomb. They offer detoxification through your pores while they fizz, soothe, moisturize, and smell delightful. Your skin feels amazing when you get out of the tub, and provide the perfect water for shaving.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Whole Beginnings

And now for our next Anniversary Giveaway Sponsor: Whole Beginnings

Whole Beginnings (
Sandra Maurer, CD, RYT

I’ve been working with mothers in one form or another for 10 years. I was a social worker out of college, became a nanny while training in and then teaching yoga in the evenings. Through my contact with mothers (and my training as a holistic health coach) I kept hearing this word doula. I decided to sign up for a training and see how it went. I was in love. Immediately. And dove head first into full time doula work. But as my birth attendance increased and I was privileged to witness more births and spend more time with mamas as their prenatal yoga instructor, I began to see another need.

So many women are hoping for a different kind of experience the whole childbearing year- from conception through postpartum. They’re hoping for feelings of bliss, of joy, of incredible femininity. They want solutions for pregnancy ailments that are holistic; they want to avoid postpartum depression, and they want someone to help them emotionally work through all the decisions that start to pile up towards the end of pregnancy. They’re seeking out help from all kinds of sources- various websites, care providers that aren’t very trained in these areas and they’re coming up frustrated and overwhelmed. Information isn’t the same as education after all.

This is how Whole Beginnings evolved from a doula business to a Pregnancy and New Mama coaching program. I am able to draw on all my education (Yoga Instructor, Art Therapy, Doula, Holistic Health Coach) and all my experience (in those roles, as a mother, a sister, a daughter and a friend) to help mamas truly find their “mama bliss” no matter what circumstances arise. My program, called Blissful Mama, is designed to help mamas with all of these needs. From the most “mainstream” mama wanting to try a few yoga poses to the “crunchiest” of mamas wanting guidance, accountability and support through the whole process.

One of my favorite pieces of feedback I’ve received from a client is: "The fear I had been experiencing for my first two trimesters has all but evaporated, leaving room for me to experience the joy pregnancy ought to bestow on expectant mothers…Having her as my coach was the best thing I did for myself during this pregnancy. I feel more prepared and confident about my birth and abilities as a woman and mother as a result!”

Join me for Yoga for Fertility & Women’s Health and Prenatal Yoga classes at East Bank Yoga (8th & Railroad). New Mama Yoga B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Baby) classes start in May! You can also work with me privately through my Blissful Mama Coaching program.

I’ve shared a coupon for 3 Free Prenatal (or Yoga for Fertility) Classes for a lucky mama I look forward to meeting!

You can download my {complementary} Empowered Mama Guided Meditation on my website . Learn more about yoga classes and Blissful Mama Program at: or follow me on Facebook: http://