Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Time for Spring Crafts!!!

The weather is just being uncooperative, now isn't it.  I am unpleased too.  My kids have cabin fever and I am desperately trying to come up with ways to entertain them on days that the winds are too howling and that it's still too cold to go outside.  Here's what we're doing at the house:

1.  Kids Origami!  Ok, so my almost 2 year old, Owen, really can't do origami BUT, he certainly can have a piece of paper to scribble on and rip up while I teach Eva some cool things.  This is actually one Nolan does with her because he's got a TON of experience at it and he ROCKS the origami.  Go here for origami with the kiddos fun ideas!

2.  Tea Parties and Fortresses.  Yes, I get the giganto blankets from winter out to make a fortress, and yes we have a tea party inside.  Cookies, scones, tea (ahem, Crystal Lite for the kids, Earl Grey for me), stuffed animals, the whole she-bang.  In fact, this spring, I may let Eva invite her class over for a tea party play date, but am unsure of whether my sanity levels can hold out.  Here's some cool ideas!

3.  Garden Planning!  Eva is so enthralled over our big old garden we do every year and she is begging for her own garden.  This year, we're going to let her help grow a butterfly garden in front of her windo and a mini veggie patch- like the ones shown here!

4.  Painting, painting, and more painting.  Last year, Nolan and I explained the Jackson Pollock concept of painting and my ever artsy daughter has been super enthralled ever since.  In fact, here's a website dedicated to it!

5.  Well, if you hadn't noticed, we really dig cooking and baking around this house.  Eva and Owen get to help me bake something every week.  Every night, Eva helps set the table for dinner, she helps make up her lunches and snacks, and she and Owen host a 'cooking show'.  NOT KIDDING.  This involves them bringing all my cooking stuff into the living room and playing with it tirelessly for hours.

Easter Bunny House. I KNOW.
6.  Yes. We gave in.  We dye the eggs, we make the 'Easter Bunny' gingerbread house, we make paper flowers for garland, we're pretty much kiddo decorated for every darned holiday there is.

What are your fun spring time crafts and activities?

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