Sunday, March 20, 2011

Healthy Breakfasts: Breakfast Kebabs

Another kid friendly breakfast!  HURRAY!  This is a guaranteed crowd pleaser at my house, and luckily, you can grab whatever you've got on hand, some tooth picks or kabob sticks, fruit, etc., and you are good to go.  What I like about kebabs is the ability to use what you've got on hand, be creative, and let your kids get involved.  I'm going to say again, this is a template.  Use the fruits, dipping choices, cereals, etc., that you have on hand- and don't stress out about them being perfect!  Let your kids play and have fun with their breakfast and for once, we don't have to use the tired phrase that gets the eyes rolling "STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR FOOD."

This morning, we had apples, bananas, grapes, and kiwi hanging around.  We had strawberry yogurt, vanilla yogurt, peanut butter, grape nuts and Total Crunch with Almonds.  So, I cubed up or halved pieces of fruit and put them into bowls, got out larger bowls and poured about a cup of each cereal into them, and scooped the dips into their own containers.  I handed Eva a plates with two skewers, our so a selection of fruits, cereal, and yogurt (21 months is a wee bit young for me to be comfortable with him using a skewer), and Nolan and I each made our own skewers as we hung out at the table, coloring eating, and enjoying a quiet Sunday morning.

Kebabs can be as fancy or as minimal as you like, and they work for more than breakfast.  You could alternate fruit with cheeses for kid friendly appetizers at a birthday party or make them super nutrient packed (like we tried to do) by rolling them in cereal and dipping in peanut butter or yogurt.  Let me know your favorite combos for fruit kebabs too!

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