Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Pause for Gratitude: Welcoming Babies!

Obviously, at Elegant Mommy, we make a point of how much we love babies at any age, and welcoming new babies is part of the fun!  In our own household, I am excited that we will be helping friends and relatives welcome 6 babies this year!  The first baby came yesterday afternoon as I sat in a knitting fury to complete the last of his gifts I wanted to make for him.

A few weeks ago, I asked my husband if he was at all sad that were done having kiddos, as I was sorting out everything for all the presents we are making for all the new babies that get to enter our lives this year.  Nolan said, "Absolutely not.  We have the perfect sized family for us.  Besides, now we get to help our friends and families enjoy their new little families!"  It made sense and still does.  We have time to enjoy each of our kids together and as individuals, some time to ourselves occasionally, and best of all, like Nolan said, we get to be excited for our friends and family as they start on this journey too!

Yesterday the world got to welcome my dear friend Jess's son, Cyrus, late in the afternoon and I can't help but think about what perfect and enthusiastic parents Jess and Brian will be to their ginger haired little boy!  As I worked on knitting the last touches of his blanket, hat, and toys, I felt especially grateful that I am able to make things for the people I love.  I made sure that the things I picked for Baby Cyrus were central to the colors and hobbies that his parents love and hope to share with him as he grows up.

When I heard little Cyrus was born, I jumped up and down and squealed with delight.  To me, spring and summer are about celebrating regrowth and new life.  Since we get to welcome so much of that into our life this year and celebrate it with the people we love the most, I felt especially blessed and grateful.  I hope you are having a grateful Wednesday too!

And, as if I haven't said it enough, welcome baby Cyrus! I can't wait to meet you on Saturday!  You and your family have made spring time so much more meaningful for me!


Happiness Inside said...

Well that's wonderful news! Congrats to the new parents!

How exciting - love that "new baby smell" too.

Have fun enjoying all the new little ones this year. Five more to come? My goodness! Do all the parents know one another too?

Thanks for sharing such happy news! <3

Jessica Beringer said...

I just reread your article as it showed up on my memories on facebook. We still have the blanket you made Cyrus and the hat as well. They are loved. Thank you for being a wonderful friend and making them for him. I remember his birth well and also remember all the support you and other friends and family gave us. :)