Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cure Kids Cancer Raffle with EM

Do you know that when I was a child, I had what is called an astrocytoma.  This is a malignant tumor in the brain stem, and on my second birthday, my parents took me to have spinal and brain cord surgery to remove the tumor.  We were lucky that they were able to remove it and though I have some life long side effects- nerve damage on the right side of my body, and I had to have a lot of physical therapy to learn how to walk normally again.  I have staples in my spine and suffer incredible headaches from this.

The alternative is that I could have lost my life to cancer.  I would not be here, I would not have my life of 2 lovely kids, a husband, writing and knitting, and being here to help make a difference in my world.  My mother would have lost her only child and the world would be a different place.  Every time we lose a child to cancer, the world is a place devoid of one more bright star who could have made a difference or been a great human being.  I've had my fair share of health battles in my life, but nothing can top facing cancer as a child.  Think now about children who are still facing this fight daily, and think about helping us help them.

There are all kinds of places trying to raise money to Cure Kids Cancer...which got us thinking, what can ELEGANT MOMMY do?? So here it is!! Together with many wonderful vendors, we are selling chances for FANTASTIC packages!
Tickets are $1.00 a piece and will be sold through Saturday March 26th and a Winner will be picked Sunday morning from entries received in store and online.

BUY as MANY as you want! The more you buy, the Better Your Chances!

100% of the proceeds will go to
Sanford Children's Cure Kids CancerGo to this link to learn more about the tickets and prize packages we have.

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