Thursday, February 28, 2013

WAHM Month - Introducing MamaBaby Threads

~What is your business’ name?
MamaBaby Threads
Handcrafted for mom and a mom and her baby!
~What kinds of products or services do you offer?
We sew a variety of items including:
* Knit & Woven Wrap Baby Carriers
* Knit Rebozos: For Late Pregnancy & Labor Use
* Before & After Labor Skirts
* Aromatherapy Neck Rolls & Square Packs
* Swaddle Blankets: Light & Warm Weights
* Baby Burpies & Bibs
* No Slip Headbands
* Anything Leashes
* Infinity & Open-End Scarves
* Uh-Oh Packs
* Mama Cloth
* Various Custom Made Items

Recently, we also added a very limited selection of Baptismal Blankets. 

~How and why did you get started with your business?
We started out sewing a few things here and there as new grand-kiddos joined our family. Soon friends began to ask my daughter, "Where did you get that?", immediately followed by, "Can I get one too?". And that's when MamaBaby Threads was born.  Now we sew for our family and many, many others as well!

~How do you balance it all? Family, activities, working from home, etc?
We have very busy lives, so scheduling our *WAHM work days* requires that we be flexible in order to work around our individual out-of-home jobs, families, and home responsibilities.  We love the creative outlet that sewing *from scratch* provides and really enjoy what we do, so spending time together is a win-win!  Researching, developing, creating and sharing together is such fun…we are truly blessed!!   

~Do you have any advice for other Work At Home Moms?
I learned a long time ago that being able to say, *I made it myself!* is very powerful… and rewarding!!  As important as it is, we will always have more laundry to do, more meals to cook, more noses to wipe, etc, etc…so creating something  (and ultimately selling it) can serve as a tangible reminder that we do have many talents in addition to those that revolve around the daily care of family and home!  Also, remembering to cut yourself some slack for life’s* unpredictable’s* is a must!  

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

WAHM Month - Introducing QT Caps!

~What is your business’ name?
QT Caps

~What kinds of products or services do you offer?
Handmade Hats and Accessories

~How and why did you get started with your business?
In college I learned how to crochet, shortly after getting married I taught myself how to knit. I always have enjoyed creating things. Once my friends started having babies I started making gifts for them. I started with blankets. Once my daughter was born I turned my efforts towards hats. I started out with cupcakes & pumpkins. As I created more, I learned that I could read patterns and/or make them up myself. I love creating!

~How do you balance it all? Family, activities, working from home, etc?
I work on my creations during nap/down time (which is less and less these days). I try to set aside one afternoon  to tag and package the things I have been working on for QT Caps.

~If applicable, how do you get your family/kids involved in your business?
My kids are my models. They love wearing my hats. Lots of people will ask my 4 year old if grandma made her hat, she will just smile and say “no, my mommy made my cute hat”.

Friday, February 22, 2013

WAHM Month - Introducing Master Creative Designs

~What is your business’ name?
Master Creative Designs

~What kinds of products or services do you offer?
I make personalized Chocolate bars and gifts made from them. J

~How and why did you get started with your business?
I had always wanted to do some kind of small business, and I love being creative and crafty.  When I discovered wrapping candy bars, I knew I had found my “thing!”  With personalized candy bars, I can make a unique gift that is custom made for each customer and more fun than just shopping for something at the big box store, for pretty much any event or occasion you can imagine.

~How do you balance it all? Family, activities, working from home, etc?
At times it is difficult.  We are a large family with a pretty good age spread between kids, so there is always something going on.  But we make time spent as a family a priority, attempt to not take on too much, and all pitch in to help when there is a lot to be done.  And I do the bulk of my business work in the evening when the kids are in bed.

~If applicable, how do you get your family/kids involved in your business?
They LOVE to help me wrap bars and catch the sheets when they come off of the printer.  There are always two chairs at my desk, and the second is usually occupied by one or two kids.  J

~Do you have any advice for other Work At Home Moms?
Recipe for success? God first, Family next, then Business!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Time for Gratitude - Pretending it's Warm

So, the other day I was folding clothes and I just had to giggle to myself.

No, it wasn't because I just love folding clothes (though that's truly one chore I don't mind).

It also wasn't because I had just heard a super funny joke...even though I do live with a couple comedians - ha!

No, I giggled to myself because as I was folding and sorting, there was a distinct pattern in what kinds of clothes I was folding. Both the kids had a large pajama pile (like maybe 4 or 5 pairs), and about 1-2 pairs of pants and 1-2 shirts. And their swimsuits. Yes, it was about 10 degrees outside and I was folding my kids' swimsuits. Not because we had just gotten back from an amazing tropical vacation. And not because we are awesome parents and have a membership to the Mitchell Rec Center so they can go swimming year round (even when it's 10 degrees outside). And not because we took them to one of the indoor waterparks at a local hotel so they could have some fun.

No, the reason I was folding their swimsuits is because they wear them around the house in lieu of warm winter clothing. All the time. Like, almost every day. I so seldom see them in regular clothes lately, that I've actually wondered why we even have so many cute clothes for them - seriously, they hardly ever wear them - unless we are going somewhere that day. Then as soon as we get back home, they strip off their cold weather clothing and exchange it for more summertime matter how many times they have worn it since it's been washed.

Just yesterday we had a couple meltdowns because it was simply too cold outside (you know, with the -30 wind chill and all...). It was chilly in here...we do live in a drafty century-old-house after all. I didn't want either of them to have less than at least regular shirt (longsleeve) and pants...preferably socks, though I did let it slide and they both went barefoot part of the day. I don't know if it was because I've been feeling kinda rotten the last few days and my patience just wore thin, or if they weren't feeling great (we've all been fighting something the past week or so), or what. But whatever it was, we had some serious disagreements about what acceptable attire for the day was. Even though we weren't going anywhere (yeah, that was one of Vienna's most fervent arguments "But Mom! We *aren't* GOING ANYWHERE!!!").

Well, we made it through it, and this morning as we were getting dressed, what did my three year old ask? "Mom, is my green swimsuit clean?"

I cringed because I didn't want a repeat of yesterday. "Yes, Porter, it is clean. But though it's warmer than yesterday, we aren't going to wear them today, either. We'll see about maybe tomorrow if it's a little warmer."

I sighed with relief when he agreed. There was no arguing, he just got dressed.

Since it's not quite so drafty in here this afternoon, the kids are all (even Vienna's friend who is playing here today) dressed up in their summer-dress-best, and porter has changed into a short sleeve shirt and has his pants pulled up like shorts. At least he's wearing his snowboots - ha!

Porter & Vienna, taken just a couple minutes before posting :)
Oh, I'm so thankful that the kids have great imaginations and enjoy being themselves (and can imagine it's summertime)...even when sometimes I don't let them ;)


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

WAHM Month - Introducing Nana Pants by Betsy

~What is your business’ name?  
Nana Pants by Betsy

~What kinds of products or services do you offer? 
I specialize in embroidered diapers, along with cute prints and solid color diapers.  I also supply Elegant Mommy with wetbags, changing pads, keychain diapers, peepee teepees and doll diapers.

~How and why did you get started with your business? 
My son and daughter-in-law approached me about 3 years ago, saying they wanted to cloth diaper and would I be able to make them for their first child.  I used my daughter’s then 3 month old as a tester and it just grew from there.  Up until this fall, I was teaching preschool and doing Nana Pants, but have since gone to Nana Pants full-time.

~How do you balance it all? Family, activities, working from home, etc?  
Since I am an empty-nester, I’m fortunate to have the full days and many nights to work on my business.  I try to continue to volunteer at my church and preschool.

~If applicable, how do you get your family/kids involved in your business? 
My daughter, Erin, is now working for me part-time to help me fill orders and supply Elegant Mommy.

~Do you have any advice for other Work At Home Moms?  
Family first…kids are only small for a little while and the time goes by so fast. Enjoy them while you can.  Since I am technically a SAHGM (Stay at home grandma) and no longer a SAHM,  I understand that taking care of a family is hard work, but oh so important.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

WAHM Month - Introducing Simply.Natural. and Massage by Marnie

What is your business' name? 
Marnie Scott with Massage by Marnie & Simply. Natural. 

What kinds of products or services do you offer?
I have been a massage therapist for 16 years now! I specialize in deep tissue massage, and reflexology. I also do Reiki, geriatric massage, and pregnancy massage!  4 years ago I added an additional business Simply. Natural. to my day ~ I make natural body products! Lip balms, perfumes, bath salts, lip scrubs, teething gel, inhalers, and body balms. 

How do you balance it all? 
Working from home really helps me balance my day. I can fill free time with laundry, cleaning, and preparing meals! Every morning I sit in 30 minutes of quiet meditation to get my day going. It has helped me stay focused and complete those "to do" lists. My kids are also at ages where helping around the house is REALLY a big help to me!

How do you get the kids/family involved in your business? 
My kids are part of my business (simply natural) - they each have their own products in our line that they are responsible for making! My husband is a great help with delivery!! 

Do you have any advice for other Work At Home Moms? 
Make sure you get yourself out of the house! I enjoy yoga and working out...but make sure to do them away from home as much as possible...that's my ME time! Don't forget that your home is your whole family's home too...I try and put everything aside when I am with them~it's easy to "work" all day long. I feel so blessed to do both of my jobs right from home~

Monday, February 11, 2013

WAHM Month - Introducing Rebekah Scott Designs

~What is your business’ name? 
Rebekah Scott Designs                 

~What kinds of products or services do you offer?
Purses, accessories and baby goods!

~How and why did you get started with your business? 
I started 2003 as way of giving gifts at Christmas and then it exploded to this big thing!  I wanted to stay at home and raise babies.

~How do you balance it all? Family, activities, working from home, etc? 
We do it all very military like.  Get up and do everything on a schedule to get it all done with lots of breaks for love, kindness and madness!

~If applicable, how do you get your family/kids involved in your business? 
My family helps me sell the products!

~Do you have any advice for other Work At Home Moms?  
Find out what your strengths are then hire what isn’t (if affordable), focus on your strengths and passions.  

Friday, February 8, 2013

It's Picture Contest Time!!

It's time to update our facebook page, and we need your help!

Like we did with our most recent cover picture update (at the end of last summer), we are going to hold a picture contest!! Except....this time we have an added twist. We are going to update our profile picture AS WELL AS our cover picture.

So, here's the plan:

  • If you have any pictures you would like to submit, you need to do so by next Wednesday, the 13th. 
  • You can submit your pictures to me at media[at]elegantmommy[dot]com.
  • Pictures should be something representing what Elegant Mommy is all about: Pregnancy, Birth, Babies, Cloth Diapering, Breastfeeding, Families, etc. 
  • Pictures do NOT have to be professional, but if they are, make SURE you have the copyright to them!
  • Elegant Mommies will vote for the top 12 out of all submissions, and then we'll get them posted for YOU to vote on!
  • You will be able to place your votes from Monday, February 18 through Wednesday February 20 (voting instructions will be posted at that time) 
  • The top vote-getter will be our profile picture, and the next 5 will be on our cover page.
So, if you have any fantastic pictures you would like to be part of our contest, just forward them on over to me! We are so excited to see what will be coming our way!!


Thursday, February 7, 2013

WAHM Month - Introducing Shelly Rose Designs

This month we're going to be featuring some local Work At Home Moms (WAHM), particularly those whose products we carry at the store. We may be featuring other WAHMs, though, too, so be on the lookout! We at Elegant Mommy are super happy that we get to support our local mamas by carrying their products.

Today I'd like to introduce you to Shelly Rose Designs......enjoy!



~What is your business’ name?  Shelly Rose Designs

~What kinds of products or services do you offer?  Wool dryer balls, baby blankets, children’s clothing, stuffed animals and baby dolls, scarves, cowls, crochet scrubbies and dishcloths.  If it’s made of fabric or yarn I can probably do it or have made it.

~How and why did you get started with your business?  I have been crocheting and sewing since I was a child.  I have always loved art, all kinds and would always be doing something in my free time.  I later went to college and majored in Fine Arts.  I became a full time Stay At Home Mom when I was pregnant with my third in 2007.  I got bored and started quilting and crocheting again.  I made a couple of blankets and totes and then a few more.  My husband suggested that maybe I should try selling them so I found Etsy through my cousin.  I then started playing with wool and made a couple of dryer balls and listed them.  They sold right away so I made more.  I then started adding new items and lines and going from there.  I am working on new items all the time to keep it fresh and to build my business.  I love my job and love to be able to stay at home with my kids doing it.  I’ve always wanted to own my own little business and someday would like to open up a yarn and coffee shop.

~How do you balance it all? Family, activities, working from home, etc?  Family comes first, and then I squeeze in my work where ever and when ever.  I take my crochet to baseball, soccer, basketball practices and games (I can crochet without looking so I can still watch my kidsJ).  I sew with children on my lap or right beside me.  I even have an older sewing machine that I set up by mine from time to time for the kids to play with and they love it, my middle son is really quite good for 6.  I just constantly have projects going and if I get 5 minutes here and 30 there I am good.  Not to say my business takes a back seat at all.  I answer all emails same day unless I’ve already gone to bed.  Also, all orders are started or shipped within 24 hours so I am never behind and always on time.

~If applicable, how do you get your family/kids involved in your business?  My kids love to be involved.  I take them shopping with me to the fabric or yarn store and ask them what they like (free market advice).  Some projects I let them make their own modified version.  Now they think that mom can make anything and it’s neat to hear them telling their friends that they made something with me or I made them such and such.  I love that I can teach them the beauty of handmade from a first hand experience.

~Do you have any advice for other Work At Home Moms?  Do what you love.  Don’t give up.  Be positive.  If you love what you do it’ll show in your products.  Do your very best.  Always be aware of new trends ie colors, shapes, styles and incorporate it into your own line.  Be creative and original, make it yours.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Pizza, Jimmy Johns, and now...Elegant Mommy!

Guess what?!

Elegant Mommy now DELIVERS!!

Yep, I'm not even kidding.

So, here's the deal:

When shopping on our website (, you now have the option of "Delivery within 15 Miles" at checkout! That's right - if you would like to place an order and don't want to wait for (or pay for) the post office, but you can't make it into the store, we will deliver it to your doorstep! 

There are just a couple things you need to know:
  • You must live within 15 miles of Sioux Falls
  • Pay $5 (instead of the regular $7.95 shipping charge) on orders under $100 (orders over $100 are still free to ship/deliver)
That's it.

Seriously - how cool is this?! If I lived within 15 miles of Sioux Falls, I would totally do this...if for no other reason than getting to see my boss (or one of the other awesome Elegant Mommies) as she delivers my order to my door ;). Ha! Just joking...I would totally invite them in for coffee.

So......Get to shopping!!


Friday, February 1, 2013

Gifts, Gifts, Gifts!

Are you going to be having a baby soon?

Did you know you can REGISTER for things that you want from Elegant Mommy?

I, right?

Not only that, but it seriously couldn't be an easier process...

All you need to do is fill out this super easy, straightforward form!

Your registry can be available for in-store AND online purchases (which makes it totally easy for your aunt from Arizona to buy you something that you'll really and truly use!). This ALSO means that you don't have to be local to Sioux Falls (or eastern SD) to take part in our awesome registry! Just fill out the form and send it to us at the address listed on the form. We will make your registry available to anyone who needs it.

We've also got cards saying that you are registered with us that you can give to anyone, include in shower invites, etc. - just let us know how many you need!

So, congratulations on your upcoming bundle of joy, and we look forward to helping you get everything you need for your precious miracle!