Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pause For Gratitude

I am so grateful that my employer, Elegant Mommy is so passionate about being involved in the community of Sioux Falls and is strongly philanthropic.  I love that whenever she gets the chance to give back to the community, like with our Sanford Cancer Raffle, she jumps in with both feet.  It really makes your heart sing, when you've got someone in your life who cares so deeply about these things.

Another note on having had a malignant tumor removed from my spine as a babe.  Everything that our team at EM has done to help raise money for Sanford's Cure Kids Cancer fundraiser makes me eternally grateful.  Sometimes I wonder about how my own parents faced the fear and terror of knowing their only baby girl was going to have to endure so much.  It blows my mind, the strength with with both kids and their parents show during such an incredible struggle.

I have my hair in a very short pixie cut and it show the scar that runs down my spine.  The scar starts in my hair and runs to the bottom of my shoulder blades.  I wear my scar as proudly as I wear a smile.  It reminds me daily of what a precious gift I was given. How fortunate I am.  While I don't go around babbling about my scar endlessly, if someone notices it and asks, I am proud to tell my story.  I am proud to show my triumph in the form of that scar.  It's one of the main reasons I keep my hair short.

I am just incredibly grateful today for all the hard work we have put into helping this fundraiser and excited to see what more we will do for our community as the years progress.

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