Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Book Review: The Passion of The Hausfrau

Sara Rose here and I'm so here to say if you haven't read The Passion of The Hausfrau but are in desperate need of snorts, giggles, and perhaps a glass of wine, this is the book for you.  To say I am pleased with this guilty little pleasure is putting it lightly.  I spent many a night reading, snorting, and nearly peeing myself in delight, much to the contempt of my poor husband who was desperately trying to sleep despite me staying up until 2 am nightly to read this.

The Passion of The Hausfrau can't totally be put into words, the book is an experience.  Her humor is definitely not for those with a weak stomach and she gives new definition to all of us WAHM's that also happen to care about things like breast feeding, needing 'me' time, natural parenting, uncontrollable lice- the list is endless.  The book is part graphic novel and part a journal into the depths of how mind boggling parenting really can be sometimes.

She's gritty, raw, and honest, but also down to earth.  I alternately laughed until my sides hurt, empathized with her slightly neurotic motherhood moments, and had tears in my eyes at times.  Her stories about her kids' shenanigans will leave your ribs sore from gut busting laughter.  She has a chapter on how she adopted and embraced the title of Hausfrau then empowered it by saying those of us who stay home aren't slackers but powerfully invested in our kids futures.  I can definitely get behind that.

Check out Nicole Chaison's blog and zines, too!  More side splitting awesome writing!  More giggles for those days that seem ABSOLUTELY giggle unfriendly.  She definitely gives you the perspective "Things absolutely can get worse.  Wear a fanny pack."  I loved this book, I hope you check it out, and I hope you love it and pass it on too.  We could all use a little Hausfrau in our lives.

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