Monday, March 28, 2011

Super Special Product Review and GIVEAWAY!!!! Etsy's Body Luxe

I very rarely meet a beauty product that's all natural and hand crafted that I don't love.  But when I met Body Luxe, well this was more than love, it was pure AWESOME.  I am now devoted to her Lavender Vanilla body butter, body oils, Serenity bath salts and Pomegranate Scrub.  I've gotten the pleasure to sample her perfume oil blends, different bath salts, and I use my body butter and roll on perfumed oils daily.

She has a Deep Breath bath salt blend too and it has been my SAVIOR during this sinus and allergy season.  In fact, I just emailed her in desperation for more.  It has made breathing easier for myself, the husband, and the kids.  The weekend they had runny noses, I poured some in their bath and they both slept easier and breathed easier that night.  I like when I can feel comfortable using my bath products on my kids too!  I love her shop, her variety of scents, and the QUALITY of products versus the low PRICE.

I love them SO MUCH, that since I got so many great comments on How Do You Pamper Yourself blog, that I'd like to give away a goodie bag of Body Luxe products!  I think it is so important that we mama's get a few moments each week to slip into a hot bath, pamper ourselves, have a sip or two of wine or hot cocoa, and just unwind.  Destressing and pampering ourselves help us be better mamas!

Your goodie bag will be packaged with her beautiful blue packaging!
I believe that more and more as I get older and our family life gets more hectic.  Taking a few moments to just breathe and relax make me happier to spend time with my babies and husband- even if we are waiting in line at the grocery store with $300 of groceries, all of us tired and hungry, oh and we need to be at the dentist in 10 minutes.

So, I'm going to run this giveaway until Sunday at midnight, and announce the winner on Monday, April 4th!  To enter, the rules are the same:

-Leave a comment with your fb page, your twitter handle (if you have one), and be sure to become a follower on our blog!
-Tell us how you pamper yourself or would like to pamper yourself.  If you have favorite brands of body products that we should check out, link them for us!
-Be sure to check out Body Luxe at Etsy and see if there's anything you'd like for yourself there as well!

You will win a goodie bag with:

-Deep Breath Bath Salt Detox
-3 of Body Luxe's scented oil perfume blends
-4 body butter samples
-1 pomegranate scrub
-2 scented candles (if you win, let me know your favorite scent!)
-A very special surprise from me (and I hope you love it!)



Kassi said...

I follow the blog.

Twitter follower: wife05mommy08

~ love Apple Valley Natural soaps. I use their products regularly. All natural, and soo wonderful! I love taking long bathes and just sitting quietly with my knitting. Nothing more relaxing then just me, the fireplace and a knitting project.

~I'd never heard of the body luxe products before, but now I really really want some bath bombs! Good thing payday is coming up!

Anonymous said...!/profile.php?id=1266423535

I follow your blog.

I haven't had much time with a new baby to pamper myself and would love to be able to slip into a warm bath and relax.

Carrie Seybt

Summer said...!/profile.php?id=1409110966

I follow

I can't say I've had much time in the last 7 yrs that I've been able to take much time to my self but would LOVE to try. I have a very busy next couple weeks so by the end of April I could really use some time to myself

miranda.ank85 said...

I follow the blog and on FB. :)

The only time I can take even an uninterrupted shower is late at night. I'd love some pamper materials! :)

Miranda A

SaraS said...



I am a follower of the blog.

I don't get much time for pampering. After the kids are in bed, I try to get a hot bubble bath every once in awhile. It helps a little bit!

Krissy said...

Hello! I follow on FB and try to keep up with the blog!!/profile.php?id=525655435

I have 6 month old twins and a big guy who just turned 3, so I'm not really sure I remember what pampering is (I'm lucky if I get to put lotion on my legs!). BUT, I love to take baths and really enjoy LuSa Organics products, especially their sugar scrubs! I was checking out the Body Luxe scrubs - they look fantastic as well!!!

one lucky mom said...!/trisha.berens

one lucky mom said...

I follow blog

one lucky mom said...

twitter handle one_lucky_mom

one lucky mom said...

I pamper myself every once and awhile with a massage when I get the chance. :)I don't really use much for body products that are out there. I usually use just coconut oil or raw shea butter for moisturizer and natural oils in tub.

one lucky mom said...

I agree with Kassi that the bath bombs look great!

emma said...!/profile.php?id=657715135

Walkerfamily1412 said...

fallowing the blog :)

to pamper myself i take a shower 2-3 times a week haha im a mother of 3, eating a warm meal is considering pampering myself! IF i had time for actual pampering i would end up using some sort of bath and body works but id love to find something homemade to try! trying homemade soaps can be such a gamble some times so i havnt tried to buy any after buying some online once and not liking it :( it seemed very dry to me