Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sibling Personalities: Shelly's Take

My husband and I already have our predictions as to what our children's occupations will be when they are adults. We've been able to come to this conclusion based on the strong personalities that they all possess.

Patrick has always been very acadmically inclined. He loves to build, he loves to think, he loves to use his hands, he loves to read. He reads at a grade level 3 years beyond his age. I had a conversation with him last night which consisted of:
Me: So, you are going to be a cook, a construction worker, a train engineer, and a bridge builder when you grow up.
Patrick: Well, I want to have lots of options to choose from.

Evy has always been our dance diva. She is creative from head to toe. She has been wanting to dress herself since she was able to see the colors of her clothes and she actually does a fantastic job of making it look good. She definitely has an eye for fashion and loves to get her hair done. She will do her own makeup with the little makeup kits she gets for birthdays and Christmas. She colors amazingly well for a Kindegartner. If I had to predict today what she will be when she grows up, she will do something in a creative capacity. Something dealing with dance, fashion, or art.

Chase is our sports kid. He is loud. He is obsessed with balls of any kind. One of his first words was "football". Chase gets up in the morning and runs. He goes full speed ALL DAY LONG and does not slow down until he crashes at night. There is not a doubt in our mind that we have a jock on our hand. But he will be a sensitive jock. He is the most cuddly and loving boy. He gets up every morning and gives me a great big and kiss. Oh, I will miss the day that its not cool to do that anymore!

It's amazing to me how different my children are at such young ages. I love the fact that they are all who they want to be and I love fact that they have very strong personalities. My husband and I strongly believe that our children should be who they want to be and no one in their families should love them any less because they have a different personality or react differently to a situation than someone else might.

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