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Our Cloth Diaper Story: Sara Rose

Baby Owen, 6 weeks old, surrounded by tons of new cloth diapers!
Here at Elegant Mommy, we’re crazy for cloth diapers!  Almost all of us cloth diaper, and believe in the value of helping the earth, helping ourselves, and helping our little ones and their tender skin.  Today, I (Sara Rose) want to share my story of cloth diapering with you!  When I had my first child, my mama BEGGED me to put her in cloth diapers and I haughtily refused.  Over the first three years of her life, I spent well over $3,000 on disposables, pull-ups, swim diapers, wipes, etc.  When I think about the fact that the dentist told me yesterday that both my kids FOR CERTAIN will need things like orthodontics . . . well, I could kick myself.

Three and a half years later came my son, who is allergic to just about everything.  I spent the first 6 WEEKS of his life fighting these insane diaper rashes that left my doctor baffled.  We tried a million creams, gentle, scent free, hypoallergenic soaps and wipes, nothing worked.  Desperate, I hopped onto the Internet and did some searching.

BINGO.  I crossed a few articles and blog posts about babies who are allergic to the chemicals in disposable diapers and/or the paper pulp used for extra absorbency.  I looked at pictures of the rashes these babies had and they matched my sons, nearly exactly.  So, I took a deep breath, stepped on over to Ebay and bought approximately 30 cloth diapers and then made 30-40 cloth wipes.  The investment, overall, was close to $300.  We have easily made that back in this past year and a half.  I just wish I had realized there was a place in Sioux Falls that I could get them for the same price (with better customer service, natch).

Within a week of cloth diapering, my son’s rash disappeared entirely.  His skin has improved so much that when we travel we use disposables but the remainder of the time, cloth.  I definitely understand it’s not for everyone.  There are days that I look at my piles of laundry (diaper pile too) and want to scream.  But it hasn’t increase the amount of laundry I do.  I was expecting an extra load to two loads with our son’s arrival, as is.

Now, I’m not a soap box sort of blogger.  There are people who use disposables just as well and are also responsible, eco-friendly adults themselves. In fact, a friend of mine who is pregnant found a diaper delivery service that also recycles used diapers  (I asked for the info on them for you too).  I did have the time for the extra load of laundry and I’m also a big advocate for the long, lost art of using clothes lines! I grew up with one and appreciate the energy savings they present. I had just figured out that with my own families financial situation and my son’s skin problems, cloth diapering was a much better alternative.  I do wish I had realized this with my daughter.

Cloth diapering has come a long way since birdseed cloths and giant safety pins with rubber pants.  This much is extremely true.  My son loves running around in his cloth diaper and a tee shirt, on his wild toddler adventures.  Since his diapers are designed to 'grow with him' it's a blessing to not have to shell out between $30-$90 a week to keep his hiney happy!

The similar style of FuzziBunz to the ones we use, called Baby Trendz.
Here is a list of the cloth diapers we here at Elegant Mommy have and can order for you:

-Apple Cheeks
-Daisy Doodles
-Super Undies

We also carry a lot of the accessories that you may need or want to make cloth diapering easier for you and your family, as well.  We have both gently used and brand new, and we can order whatever you need!  We carry gentle, eco friendly soaps, laundry detergents, and diaper creams as well.

My family uses a generic brand that are similar to the Fuzzibunz one-size fits all- type.  I do love them.  I’ve had to learn how to make small changes, change more frequently because my son is also, by FAR, more active and wets more than my daughter did at his age, and double line night time diapers.  The benefits we have all reaped, from better finances, to better skin, and peace of mind knowing that we impact the environment less was enough for this mama to make the switch!
Diapers with flushable inserts!
Cute babies in their lovely, blue, cloth diapers!
Be sure to watch our website and the store because some awesome sales are coming up!  We also do an event every fall called Diapapalooza, where people can come together to resell their cloth diapers and accessories, or to make that investment.  We urge you to check it out, try out a sample pack, and see if cloth diapering is right for you.
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