Sunday, March 13, 2011

Family Fitness: The Winter Walk

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Ok, after the winter we just had, I know you all are thinking I might be nutso, advocating winter walks.  But, to avoid cabin fever for you and the kiddos, keep yourself from gaining that 'winter padding', and just get some fresh air, every body put on the winter boots and snow gear and head outside!  Even 20 minutes is beneficial!

Plus, did you ever notice that kids LOVE playing outside no matter how cold it is?  To keep things interesting make your walk, however short it is, into a nature scavenger hunt.  Make a list of the cool things your kiddos can look for- bird nests, squirrel holes, shapes the drifts and clouds make, etc.  Or since a lot of time as snow melts, you could make it a bit philanthropic, everybody carry a shopping bag and pick up litter to dispose of. Then just add it to your garbage can when you get back.

Let your kids burn off some steam and throw snowballs, tromp through drifts, splash in puddles.  Keep up a decent pace and after you and the family get in, everybody have a big cup of skim milk, sugar free cocoa.  You may be cold, but I bet everybody had a good time and burned some calories.  Plus the major bonus?  Being healthy and physically active as a family is instilling good habits in your kiddos for a lifetime!

How is your family physically active during the winter?

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