Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our Wee Essentials Giveaway!

Time for a Giveaway!

We reviewed our latest products from the Product line Wee Essentials and now we want to give away two jars of soap cubes for two winners to try out for themselves!  Here are the rules, and they all have to be followed for you to be entered to win!  Next Thursday, we will pick and announce two winners.  We will contact you if you've won, and here's the new bit, if you don't respond to our contacting you within two weeks, your prize will automatically default to a new winner.  Now!  Here's the rules so we can do our giveaway!

To Be Entered In The Giveaway:

1.  You must be a confirmed follower of the blog!  On the left side bar, there's a button that says follow, click it and get yourself signed up to our blog!
2.  You must be a Twitter follower of ours too.  Go to!/ElegantMommySF to follow us there too.  In your response comment, send us your twitter address so we can follow you too!
3. Entrants must be a fan of Elegant Mommy on FB, go to and click Like!
4. In your comment, let us know that you are following the blog and that you liked our FaceBook Page, your Twitter address so we can follow you too, and . . . .
5. Tell us how you try to make diapering in your household more Eco-friendly and which scent you would prefer- we are giving away a jar of unscented and a jar of honeyed almond scents!


kaleki said...

Hey Elegant Mommy! I am following your blog, your FB page and I created a Twitter account just so I could follow you! (AND hopefully win ;-)

I use cloth diapering primarily because it is so absolutely adorable. My little guy has never had a rash and he has the cutest butt on the block! Of course there are eco benefits as well such as not creating as much garbage and reusing the diapers. Cloth has saved us tons of money and it is just so dang cute!

If I win, I'd like the almond scented Wee Essentials! Thanks!

kaleki said...

Oh and my Twitter name is "HannahPPhoto" :-)

AnaRoo said...

I follow your blog, follow on twitter, and like you on FB. My

Twitter name is @organicmommaof4

We cloth diaper our Babe. I make our own diaper spray and use cloth wipes. We use and eco-friendly detergent to wash them in and I hangdry them all yr ;)

If I win I would like the unscented :)

AnaRoo said...

Oh my FB name is Andrea Gardner (since it is different)

Lu said...

Hi Elegant Mommy!!!
I just signed up for your blog; am already a fan of Facebook and my Twitter:@hwnchef!!
I love the cloth pocket diapers FuzziBunz!! They are eco-friendly without contributing to our carbon footprint and money-saving, no paper in the garbage and come in great colors even for little boys!!!
My favorite scent would be the almond scent Wee Essentials!
Elegant Mommy ~ you ROCK!!

one lucky mom said...

following the blog and like your FaceBook Page, my Twitter address is We are eco friendly with cloth diapering since we don't have as much garbage, I use a front loader, let my diapers air dry and use a more friendly detergent as well. If I won I would prefer the honey almond, but would take unscented as well. :)

Jen said...

I am now following your blog - I honestly didn't know you had one! I also have been following you on Twitter for a few months now, I just don't jump on there all to often! My name there is bl0ndeeo2. I've also been a fan of you on FB for a few months, hoping to make it into your store when we are in the area! My FB name is the same email as this, not sure if you need that or can see my email!

I cloth diaper my son for many many reasons. My first is because of all the environmental reasons. Second is because of how much it saves up! I'd rather buy him something fun (new toy?!) with the money instead of something that will just be thrown away!

I'd like the almond scented if I win, I bet it smells good!!

Krista said...

I "like" you one Facebook! I signed up for you blog. And I just reactivated my Twitter account, just for you!
I am using cloth with my 3rd child simply to keep my waste down to a minimal. I live on an island and trash is horrible. I am so addicted to cloth, I even switched over "my" person items to cloth. I'm LOVIN' it! My husband is deployed and I am trying to make our house "green" while he is gone. And my kids (8 and 6 years) are loving it also.
If I win(I never win) I would like Almond scent!!
My twitter is @Krista_Lana

K. said...

I Follow the Blog :)

I'm sorry, I don't twitter

I'm a fan of Elegant Mommy on Facebook (as Lauren Maar)

We started CDing for the cost, but I try to keep my washes as short and as far apart as we can for less water consumption(usually every 3-4 days depending). I've been wanting to try cloth wipes and am in the process of making com fleece liners (to replace my flsuhable ones)

(If I don't qualify because of missing on of the requirements - please delete :) )
Honeyed Almond sounds amazing!

Samantha said...

Hi! I follow the blog, FB and Twitter. My Twitter account is NielsenB. I love cloth diapering and am relatively new to it -plus I love the fact that I have bought diapers in over a year for our little ones! We use a spray, cloth wipes and already use the Wee Essentials for our wipes! Would love to try the almond scent.

Sarah said...

I've been following all but Twitter for a while, but I am now :)!/rahjd
I'm entering for a friend not myself, but I think she'd like the honeyed almond scent. She's due in July with her first and WE'RE ALL SO EXCITED. I'm trying to convert her to cloth diapers before he comes lol

Shelly Rose said...

I of course like you on facebook and on your blog and here's my twitter address which I need to use more!!/chellyrose

Were out of diapers...but wipes are a must with toddlers so I love to wet a cloth wipe and take it with me in a baggie on car trips. We also recycle so much that our little garbage can barely gets used:) It is fun to teach the kiddos how to recycle. We are also vegetarians:)

I too would love the almond scent:)

SaraS said...

I am a follower of the blog, Twitter (@sara_s_13), and Facebook.

Although my daughter is CDed 100% of the time (not while at daycare), I LOVE that I am positively impacting the environment because of my decision to cloth diaper. It really is a "habit" that is addicting! In the beginning, some of my friends and family thought I was "different", but they no longer judge me and I have actually convinced a couple of people to convert! It's exciting! Besides the environmental factors, I am amazed at the money I save. My utility bill is slightly higher but it is soooo much less than what I would spend on disposables!

I would prefer the almond scent but either would suffice!