Friday, March 30, 2012

ABC’s of Elegant Mommy – WXYZ

W – Watertown and Wearing your baby

Since last August we have had a store in Watertown as well as our Sioux Falls location. It has allowed us to extend our reach to serve mamas and families further around the state. Though it has presented a few challenges, having that kind of reach has been a blessing for so many families in Watertown and the surrounding area!

We also couldn’t pass “W” and not mention wearing your baby! Babywearing is such a wonderful way to bond with your baby – it strengthens their trust in mama and keeps them very safe and warm! So, if you are interested in learning more about it, stop on over to one of our stores and check out the baby wraps/carriers we have and ask one of our expert employees about different styles of carriers and how they work! Also, I happen to know that there is a baby wearing group forming in Sioux Falls – be watching for their first meeting!

X – eXciting events!

Elegant Mommy is consistently looking for ways to help out the community. We have hosted many, many exciting events for you to take part in and/or learn about in the past and we look forward to many more in the coming months and years.

Don’t forget that on 4/21/12 we will be hosting the GreatCloth Diaper Change again – the worldwide attempt to break the world record for changing the most cloth diapers at the same time – and there are also several very fun and informative events/classes that we will be attending and hosting in April…so be on the lookout for them!

Y – Yummy treats

Though we don’t carry edible treats in the store, we are always willing to try out whatever you want to bring us – and you can send some to me in Mitchell anytime! *wink* J

In all seriousness, we actually do want to encourage mamas to feed yummy treats to their families that are also nutritious…no, we are not perfect with our own families, but who is? Let’s all work to encourage each other about not only yummy but nutritious eats and treats for our families!

Z – Zoo

Sometimes it feels like a zoo with the wonderful sound of children playing and laughing as a constant background noise, helping customers, planning events, researching the newest and best products to carry, constantly searching out the latest and greatest evidence-based information, and always looking out for our followers, but we at Elegant Mommy *love* it!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

ABC’s of Elegant Mommy – QRS, TUV

Q – Quiet Time

Every mommy needs some quiet time…why not leave the kids with daddy or grandma and come on down to do a little quiet shopping at Elegant Mommy? J

R – Resale

Yep – we started as a consignment shop for trendy, gently used maternity clothes, and therefore we are *the* place for you to resell your maternity clothes! So, what do you need to know about reselling things at Elegant Mommy? Well, I asked the experts (the other wonderful mommies I work with) since I don’t actually work in either of the stores, I have never dealt with helping customers with re-sales. Here are some tips they came up with:
  • Call and make an appointment! We do not accept drop offs
  • We are more likely to purchase your items if they are the right season…unless it’s *super* cute – then we might store it J. But we buy jeans all year long!
  • We give 40% of what we mark things for on the shelf (in season)
  • Keep your clothes clean and well stored
  • Think to yourself: Would you buy this item if you saw it in a store?
  • Make sure all of your clothes are freshly washed and folded in a tote, box, or laundry basket – please no hangers or garbage bags

S – Service

If you have ever had the pleasure of doing business with Shelly or any of the other gals, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Elegant Mommy prides themselves on taking care of their customers, and I’ve witnessed it firsthand several times. The most recent example was when I was in Sioux Falls at the store with Shelly for a day and I got to watch her interact with customers both in person and on the phone. She really cares. It shows. I know for a fact that everyone that works for Elegant Mommy cares. It’s part of who we are, and it’s reflected in the service you receive.

T –Time for YOU

We encourage you to enjoy time for yourself with some of our herbal bath salts, a book from our lending library, or simply sitting down and nursing your baby in a quiet room…after all, nursing is not only best for baby, but it can be a wonderful and relaxing time for mama too!

U – Understanding

The great thing about having real moms who use the products that are sold at Elegant Mommy and are passionate about natural parenting is that as a customer and/or follower, you will always get understanding from our staff. If one of us hasn’t “gone through it” another one of us has. It’s part of what makes us great!

V – Vision

Ah….vision. There have been several recent improvements and developments with the store: opening Watertown, purchasing our own building and creating a truly Elegant shopping experience, not to mention the soon-to-be-up-and-running Educated Mommy. Through all of these things, Shelly’s vision for what Elegant Mommy is and should be for the community – not just a store where you can buy things, but a *resource* for mommies and families all over the city, state, country, and world – is coming to fruition. Thank you for joining us in our journey!


Friday, March 23, 2012

ABC’s of Elegant Mommy – N, O, P

Today’s installment of the “ABC’s of Elegant Mommy” is just a little different, because instead of one thing for each letter, there is a phrase that fits perfectly: Natural Options for Parenting (and Pregnancy).

It’s what we are all about, really. Making sure that each of our readers and customers have access to not only great natural parenting products, but also that the latest and greatest information is available through our blog, facebook page, Twitter, events we host, etc.

So far this month I’ve focused a lot on what is offered through the store and online, but as a quick rundown of items that specifically relate to natural parenting, here you go: breastfeeding supplies (pumps & accessories from Medela, nursing pads, nursing covers, nursing bras and tanks, etc), cloth diapers and accessories, wooden toys, natural balms and creams, Herbal remedies for mama and baby, Baby carriers/wraps, and the list goes on. You can check out our website or stop in any time (within business hours, of course) to see for yourself the wonderful items we carry.

Now for the information we provide you regarding natural parenting and different options you have. You can look back through the blog’s history and see a ton of posts about nutritional information, how to have a natural pregnancy and childbirth, cloth diapering 101, and many, many parenting topics. We are also here to help you! If you have any question regarding natural parenting options, shoot us a question! You can either post it on our facebook page and we (or other EM mommies) will help you out, or your can send us a message through facebook or email us, or leave a comment anywhere on our blog. We *will* help you! If we don’t know the answer, we will get you an answer! J

Very soon you will also be able to enjoy many natural pregnancy and parenting informational events through Educated Mommy, so keep your eyes open for those!

Let’s face it, we all want what’s best for our precious children, but it is difficult knowing exactly what that is sometimes. In my experience, going the natural route feels right (no, I’m *definitely* not perfect at it though!), and knowing that there are thousands of different options out there can only help me be a better parent as my husband and I make decisions for our children…yes, it can be overwhelming, but that is exactly why we at Elegant Mommy are here to help! We have an amazing network of *very* informed mamas that can and will help you in whatever way you need. We are all constantly learning, and we are here for you!


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy World Doula Day!

Today, March 22, marks World Doula Day and the beginning of World Doula Week.

Most of you know what a doula is, but for those of you who don't, here is a little breakdown.

A doula is a servant of women. A birth doula is someone who will help a pregnant mama through her pregnancy with education, talking about methods for coping with labor, assistance in writing a birth plan, and being an all-around support. She will assist and support mamas through labor (and help hubby help mama), and will be a calming presence during labor and delivery. A post-partum doula helps after delivery...she will help teach newborn care, help with any breastfeeding issues, and help mama and family get used to having a new baby at home.

As a birth doula myself, I can't even think of a greater honor then being present at the birth of new life and mommy-hood (because with each birth, the woman giving birth becomes a new mommy, too). Every doula I know feels the same way. We are passionate about helping women get the kind of birth they want, and are there to support at all times - not condemn or criticize for any decision made. We will go to the ends of the earth to make sure mama has the necessary information to make the best decision for her and her baby...even if that decision isn't what we would make for ourselves.

Research confirms that having a doula present at birth may:

~Decrease cesareans by 50%
~Decrease length of labor by 25%
~Decrease oxytocin use by 40%
~Decrease request for pain meds by 30%
~Decrease forceps deliveries by 40%
~Decrease epidural requests by 60%
~Increase overall birthing satisfaction
~Promote longer breastfeeding
~Encourage parent/baby bonding
~Help partners participate with confidence

List taken from Klaus & Kennell, Mothering the Mother

I've also taken tidbits from several different blogs and added some of my own to come up with a list of non-measurable benefits to hiring a doula (I've posted these before, but they are always good to review):

  • Someone who really has been there, done that before - just knowing this can reduce stress for mom and dad.
  • Help you if you're scared
  • Help you and your hubby if your hubby is scared
  • Help you let go, and simply let your body guide you through the childbirth.
  • Can be the only person who can keep everyone's nerves calm and cool during childbirth. She can be integral in facilitating communication between you, your support team and providers.
  • Can provide massage, teach relaxation techniques, ideas for different labor positions, breathing help and so on prior to and during labor and delivery, as well as teach massage and helping techniques to your partner prior to and during labor.
  • Can help provide any emotional or physical support you need if you're dealing with a difficult pregnancy or situation.
  • She may attend your home labor (though in South Dakota it is not legal for doulas to attend your home birth without a CNM who has the appropriate waiver or a doctor as the birth attendant)
  • If you will be at home, a doula can get in contact with the hospital if needed, as well as drive you there.
  • Can answer your questions about newborn baby care
  • Can answer your questions about your post-pregnancy body and emotions
  • Can answer questions about breastfeeding and latching on. Don't miss that opportunity!
  • Can also offer you with guidance when it comes to rest, exercise and offer support. 

Here is a little video that I like to show when I have a booth at an is a very nice photo montage of doulas in action. Enjoy!

Do you have a doula to thank? This blog post or our facebook page is the perfect place to sing their praises publicly! So leave your comments here thanking your wonderful doula, or head over to facebook to do the same. Happy doula day!


Monday, March 19, 2012

Childbirth Professional Day - Meet Melanie Kaufman

Melanie Kaufman, CNM, MSN
  1. What is your Childbirth Profession?   
Nurse Midwife a.k.a. baby catcher J

2. Describe your profession and why someone would want to choose your profession for support in pregnancy and/or childbirth.
Throughout history midwives have always been with women during birth.  Nurse Midwives came to the United States in the 1920’s and have been providing not only care during pregnancy & birth, but through their lifetime. We are experts in normal birth and believe that pregnancy and childbirth are a healthy part of a woman’s life.  Midwives focus on the education and empowerment of our clients & their families and help guide them through their health care choices. We pride ourselves on low intervention, low c-section rates and high VBAC success rates.

3. Why did you get started in your profession?
I always wanted to work with women and birth. As a nursing student I learned about midwifery and I knew that was for me! It just made sense to me that women would be better served by a provider that is able to spend more one on one time with them both prenataly and during the labor, birth and postpartum. 

4. In detail, what is your personal childbirth philosophy?
I believe birth is a very powerful moment in our lives and that it is unique to each and every woman. I trust birth and think our bodies know perfectly well how to deliver our babies. My job at birth is support women and their family, offer guidance as they request it and to suggest intervention only when needed.  I respect a woman’s choice for a natural or medicated birth and understand that providing comfort has little to do with pain.

5. If you could tell all pregnant women in the world something, what would it be?
I would tell them to trust their bodies and to trust themselves in birth, in parenting and as a woman.

6. How long have you been in your profession? Are you certified? If yes, by who?
I have been a Nurse Midwife for 2 ½ years and I am certified by the American Midwifery Certification Board and licensed in South Dakota.

7. Do you have a business name? How can people contact you for pregnancy and childbirth support?
Avera Medical Group, Certified Nurse Midwifery, and people can call our office to schedule an appointment or a free consult so we can talk and make sure it’s a good fit for you. 605-322-8946

8. Where do you practice?
I practice in Sioux Falls, SD at Avera McKennan with two other wonderful midwives! 

Friday, March 16, 2012

ABC's of Elegant Mommy - K, L, M

K – Kindness

If you have had the pleasure to shop in one of our stores or speak with one of our employees on the phone or attend an event hosted by Elegant Mommy, then you have witnessed first-hand the kindness that is exhibited in everything we do. We as a company have a genuine interest in you, and we pride ourselves on our compassion and kindness to everyone. We want you to feel like you are being taken care of, and no matter what your personal situation, we will help you with the upmost kindness and compassion.

L – Laundry!

Well, we all have laundry. It’s a fact. And for some reason, each child that is added to a household triples the amount of laundry that is required. I don’t know why. It’s just the way it is. Add cloth diapers to the mix, and good gracious…it’s absolutely never-ending. In our house, I am *very* blessed to have a husband who does a good chunk of the laundry (except diapers – I like them done a certain way and he doesn’t want to learn – ha!). I know, though, that many (if not most) of you do not have that  luxury. That’s where Elegant Mommy comes in. We may not come to your house to do your laundry for you, but we do offer all the laundry supplies you will ever need – particularly relating to your cloth diaper needs. We have sprayers (to keep the mess in the toilet), awesome soaps (Rockin’ Green, Charlie’s, and Irish Twins), and don’t forget the wool dryer balls! So, let us help you with all your laundry needs!

M – Mommies

Well, duh. Of course mommies make us special – it *is* part of our name, after all J. Mommies are the whole reason Shelly opened four years ago! We started for mommies-to-be and have evolved to encompass everything “mommy”!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Meet local IBCLC's Lois and Alicia!

Meet Lois:

~  How and why did you decide to become an IBCLC?
I became an IBCLC because I am passionate about the benefits of breastfeeding and the need for nurses to have the knowledge to make a difference.   

~ Do you do anything else besides IBCLC?
I am a nursing professor at SDSU, teaching Maternal-Newborn Nursing, and I have a direct role in teaching between 160-200 college students every year.  I know that many students have had very minimal exposure to breastfeeding prior to taking this course, and that most of them have never heard of any of the benefits to moms and babies that come from breastfeeding. Every single nursing student who graduates from the program in Brookings takes the course I teach, and is exposed to evidence-based breastfeeding information.  Because of what these students learn about breastfeeding, there is a huge ripple effect for their families, friends and future patients. 

~ How long have you been an IBCLC?
I have been certified since 1997.

~ What is the one thing you would like to tell all new/almost-new mothers about breastfeeding? 
Breastfeeding is one of the most important things you will do for your baby---and no one else can do it for you.  Yes, it takes time and effort, but so does everything else that is really important.  IBCLC’s love to share breastfeeding tips with women, so please call one of us if you have questions or need some assistance.

~ Where do you work as an IBCLC? How do new mothers contact you if they need help?
I live in Brookings, and can be reached at 605-695-5321.

~Lois Tschetter, RN, EdD, IBCLC


Meet Alicia:

~ How and why did you decide to become am IBCLC?
I have been a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) since 2001. Initially, I received my certification in order to help the breastfeeding moms I worked with on the labor and delivery and postpartum units in the hospital setting. After becoming a CLC, I also taught breastfeeding classes and mom & baby classes where I answered numerous questions related to breastfeeding. I took the IBCLC certification exam in 2011. I decided to become an IBCLC because it is the highest certification available in the lactation field and I wanted to be more knowledgeable and better prepared to assist new moms with breastfeeding issues. Helping women achieve their breastfeeding goals is my passion. I gained invaluable knowledge while studying and going to breastfeeding conferences in order to qualify for the IBCLC exam.

~ Do you do anything else besides IBCLC?
In addition to being an IBCLC, I am a Registered Nurse (RN), Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE) and Certified Happiest Baby Educator (CHBE). I have been offering private lactation consulting, childbirth classes and Happiest Baby on the Block classes since December, 2010. My clients really appreciate having a professional come into their home and offer these services. So, I typically see clients for childbirth and breastfeeding classes while they are pregnant and then see them again after their baby is born to teach them the Happiest Baby techniques and provide Lactation Consulting. I am definitely available for lactation consulting even if clients did not take childbirth classes from me.

~What is the one thing you would like to tell new/almost-new mothers about breastfeeding?
One thing I would encourage new moms to do is to have good breastfeeding support in place before their baby is born. Breastfeeding can be tough in those first few weeks and it is easy to give up if you don’t have good support. They should have someone they can call to offer evidence-based advice and support and also family support from a husband/partner, mother, sister or trusted friend. Breastfeeding gets so much easier after the first couple weeks!

~Where do you work as an IBCLC? How do new mothers contact you if they need help?
My business is called South Dakota Babies, Inc. New moms can check out or South Dakota Babies’ Facebook page where they can find all my contact information. I am available via phone, text or email.

~ Alicia Fonder RN, IBCLC, LCCE, CHBE

Monday, March 12, 2012

ABC's of Elegant Mommy - H, I, J

H – Happy Babies and Kiddos

In addition to fun games, great deals on retail items, La Leche League, and other event sponsoring and participation, Elegant Mommy is dedicated to bringing great information through classes and face to face education and teaching. Elegant Mommy has long been a place to find great classes like “Happiest Baby on the Block” put together by SD Babies, but now that we are in the new store in Sioux Falls, you can expect even more classes and great events like this. In the wonderful new meeting room in the back of the store (which will “house” Educated Mommy), there will be an ever-evolving schedule of classes and events that will help you be the best mommy you can be. By participating in things like cloth diapering 101 workshops, breastfeeding support (one-on-one if needed), Mommy & Me yoga, car seat safety courses, and of course ‘Happiest Baby on the Block’, you will most definitely help your baby and kiddos be the happiest they can possibly be!

I – Ideas

Elegant Mommy (and those involved and part of Elegant and Educated Mommy) is always coming up with new ideas for fun for you and your family…seriously – we have some super-creative people surrounding us! There are new ideas flowing all the time…like the idea for the new counter at the new store (if you haven’t gone in to see it, you definitely should!), and the idea for the way to display WAHM items in the new store, and the idea to have a Friday night comment game, the idea to have a weekly feature product that you can get great deals on, the idea to host a fun “little” event called ‘Diapapallooza’ *wink*, and the idea to be a host location for the Great Cloth Diaper Change (and all the fun things we will be doing that day), and seriously…the list goes on. There are so many ideas flowing constantly, that there is never a dull moment or time around here!

By the way….if you have an idea for us, let us know! We are always taking suggestions and would love to hear yours!

J – Jokes

Who doesn’t like jokes? Well, we at Elegant Mommy love them! Everyone needs a good laugh, especially busy mommies! So, if you have any jokes that crack you up, they will probably crack us up too, so SHARE them!! We would love to hear them! 

This one has been going around facebook, and I figured you all would enjoy it as much as I did - ha! J


Friday, March 9, 2012

ABC's of Elegant Mommy - E, F, G

E – Education

So, part of Elegant Mommy’s vision is to bring EducatedMommy to life. Great news – we are just about there!! In the very near future you will be hearing the official “we’re up and running” announcement – woot! No, I don’t know exactly when it will be, but I know for sure that it will be soon J.

So, as far as education, it’s almost difficult to figure out where  to even start. I mean, education is something that has made Elegant Mommy special from the beginning! I had the pleasure to spend a good chunk of yesterday at the store in Sioux Falls with Shelly. Since I live in Mitchell, I don’t get to see her or other employees or friends of Elegant Mommy very often, so it was so much fun to see the actual brick-n-mortar store part of what Elegant Mommy is. Yes, I have shopped there many times, but I have never spent the time that I did yesterday just observing and being a part of it. At one point there was a phone call and Shelly took the time to fully explain a product and what the benefits of it are to whoever was on the other end. She really knew what she was talking about, and the way she helped that customer understand was fantastic.  It really struck me that *that* was what Elegant Mommy and Educated Mommy is all about. Helping people. Educating them. Not just offering products that can help them, but taking the time to help educate on the benefits of those products and helping determine if they are right for the customer…because as we all know this is not a one-size-fits-all world. Some products work for some and not for others. Because of care for our customers, supporters, readers, and followers, we (the Elegant Mommy team) are dedicated to helping educate in whatever way we can!

F – Families, Friends, and Followers

As I mentioned above, we here at Elegant Mommy are dedicated to our families, friends, and followers. One of the great things about working for Shelly is that she is “all about” families. She is a young mama herself, and knows the importance many moms see in staying home with their kids or at least being with them as much as possible. She allows all of her employees to bring their kids to work with them every. day. Not only that, but she provides a place in the store for the kids to hang out with toys, a TV with kid-friendly DVD’s, and an atmosphere that promotes creative play for the kiddos. Personally, I am overwhelmingly blessed to be able to do what I do for Elegant Mommy from my home…I live over an hour away from the Sioux Falls store!

As for Friends and Followers, Elegant Mommy does *so* much! From the Friday night comment game (don’t miss it tonight!) to giveaways on the blog and the weekly deals and featured products, there is something for everyone, and we always take care of our friends (after all, you are all friends J).

G – Games

Ok, so, we LOVE games here at Elegant Mommy! First of all, we love promoting the value and importance of playing with your kids, but also, we love to come up with fun and exciting ways to give you (our friends, family, and followers) some grown-up fun, too! So, we do giveaways, play games on our blog, and perhaps most notably, play a very consistently fun and entertaining game every Friday night where *everyone* wins! Just by participating, you have the chance to get some wonderful and great items from our store for greatly discounted prices! Join us on our facebook page tonight at 9:00 p.m. CST for the chance to win some great items for low prices!

Stay tuned for more ABC’s of Elegant Mommy as the month goes on J


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy IBCLC Day!

What is an IBCLC you ask? Well, first of all, IBCLC stands for International Board Certified Lactation Consultant…in short, she is a lady that has your back during breastfeeding. She can help with almost anything…she is very compassionate, a good problem solver, and extremely educated about breastfeeding.

The IBLCE has this to say about IBCLC’s:

IBCLCs have passed a rigorous examination that demonstrates the ability to provide knowledgeable, comprehensive lactation and breastfeeding care. Attainment of the IBCLC credential signifies that the practitioner has demonstrated knowledge to:
  • work together with mothers to prevent and solve breastfeeding problems
  • collaborate with other members of the health care team to provide comprehensive care that protects, promotes and supports breastfeeding
  • encourage a social environment that supports breastfeeding families
  • educate families, health professionals and policy makers about the far-reaching and long-lasting value of breastfeeding as a global public health imperative.
And this:
With a focus on preventive health care, IBCLCs encourage self-care, empowering parents to make their own decisions. IBCLCs use a problem solving approach to provide evidence based information to pregnant and breastfeeding women and make appropriate referrals to other members of the health care team.
What I love the most about what the IBLCE says above is that “IBCLCs encourage self-care, empowering parents to make their own decisions” (emphasis mine). 

Seriously. If only ALL providers could empower parents to make their own decisions! I have heard of (and seen with my own two eyes) SO many providers try to take the power and decision-making away from the parents (or patient). For instance, some of the scare tactics that you hear some pediatricians or others in the healthcare  and public health arena that are used against parents who choose to not vaccinate. Or the other way around from anti-vaccine folks/providers against those who choose *to* vaccinate.

Regardless, this isn’t a post on vaccinations….I digress. I’m really just wanting to convey that you won’t get those kinds of scare tactics, judgment, or rebuke from IBCLC’s*…it’s not part of their “code”. They are there to help you do what your body is made to do for your baby. As many women know, breastfeeding can be super challenging at times! IBCLC’s are a wonderful resource and support for women who need a little extra help.

So, happy IBCLC day, and stay tuned for some features on IBCLC’s in the local Sioux Falls area coming next week! If you are looking for an IBCLC in the area, you will be able to check in with any of these super-educated and professional ladies and they’ll be happy to help you!

*Obviously, there are always different styles in practicing. If you meet with an IBCLC (or ANY health care practitioner/professional for that matter) and for whatever reason you don’t get the help you need or don’t feel comfortable, find another one! J


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mom I Am

I grew up being read Dr. Seuss books by my father before going to bed.  The sing-song rhythms and nonsensical words still make me smile and relax when I read them now to my children.  Dr. Seuss’s birthday was this past Friday, March 2nd and I have to say I get a little nostalgic about his books around this time of year.  He certainly ranks as one of my favorite children’s author’s.   I know you’re thinking “What on earth could Dr. Seuss possibly have to do with breastfeeding?”  Well, probably not much but some women certainly used his style to give some support and humor by writing the following poem and I thought I’d share it with you to celebrate his birthday.  I have a feeling as you read through it you will be able to relate much of it to your breastfeeding journey! 

Join us for our monthly meeting this Thursday, March 8 at 6:30 at Elegant Mommy.

WarmLLLy, Sarah Alberts

Mom I Am
Written by the posters on the Mom's Online Breastfeeding Board
Little ones can squirm and pout,
make a fuss and scream and shout.
When hunger hits without a doubt,
Sit right down and whip it out.

I would nurse her if she cried,
I could nurse her far and wide,
Here and there or anywhere,
Up or down or on a chair.
I could nurse a teddy bear,
For this fine milk is very rare!!!

Would you nurse him on a train?
Would you nurse him on a plane?
Would you nurse him in a car?
Would you nurse him in a bar?

Yes, on a train, yes on a plane.
Yes, in a car, yes in a bar.
I would nurse him here or there.
I would nurse him anywhere!

I would nurse him in a booth,
On the stairs or near the roof.
Anywhere my boy cries out,
I pop the nummies in his mouth.

I can serve it by the ounce,
I can serve it while I bounce.
In a bottle or in a jar,
I can serve from near or far.

Would you, could you nurse in church? 
Would you on a shaky perch?
Would you, could you, in the stands?
Could you nurse him with no hands?

I would, I could nurse in church,
Even on a shaky perch.
In the stands, with no hands,
I'll nurse my baby on demand.

Would you nurse him at the store?
Would you nurse him on the floor?
Would you nurse him on a ship?
Careful not to show your nip!
Would you nurse him while on skis?
Would you nurse her on your knees?
Would you nurse him in a tree?
Mommy milk is SO GOOD, you see.

Would you nurse him by the stream?
You could nurse him while you dream.
Can you nurse and clean the house?
Can you nurse and chase a mouse?
Can you nurse and cook a meal?
Mommy's milk is the real deal!

Would you nurse him while you sleep? 
How about while you sweep?
Could you nurse him in a sling?
Would you, could you, while you sing?
How about upon a swing?
Mother's milk is just the thing!

Would you nurse her at the park?
Would you nurse him in the dark?
Would you nurse him with a Boppy?
And when your boobs are feeling floppy? 

I would nurse him in the park,
I would nurse her in the dark.
I'd nurse with or without a Boppy.
Floppy boobs will never stop me.

Can you nurse with your seatbelt on? 
Can you nurse from dusk till dawn?
Though she may pinch me, bite me, pull, 
I will nurse her 'till she's full!

Can you nurse and make some soup?
Can you nurse and feed the group?
It makes her healthy strong and smart, 
Mommy's milk is the best start!

Would you nurse him at the game?
Would you nurse her in the rain?
In front of those who dare complain?

I would nurse him at the game.
I would nurse her in the rain.
As for those who protest lactation,
I have a perfect explanation.
Mommy milk is tailor made
It's perfect food, you need no aid.

Some may scoff and some may wriggle, 
Avert their eyes or even giggle.
To those who can be cruel and rude,
Remind them breast's the perfect food! 

I would never scoff or giggle,
Roll my eyes or even wiggle!
I would not be so crass or crude,
I KNOW that milk's the perfect food!

We make the right amount we need,
The perfect temp for every feed.
There's no compare to milk from breast--- 
The perfect food, above the rest.

Those nursing smiles are oh so sweet, 
Mommy milk is such a treat.
Human milk just can't be beat.

I will nurse, in any case,
On the street or in your face.
I will not let my baby cry,
I'll meet her needs, I'll always try.
It's not about what's good for you,
It's best for babies, through and through. 

I will nurse her in my home,
I will nurse her when I roam.
Leave me be lads, leave me be ma'am.
I will nurse her, mom I am.

Monday, March 5, 2012

ABC's of Elegant Mommy - B, C, D

ABC’s of Elegant Mommy – B, C, D

Last week I told you that we are going through the ABC’s of Elegant Mommy this month in addition to several other very cool features. We started out with “A” and I talked about how Elegant Mommy is “All about [fill in the blank]”. As we go through some of these letters, I’ll really just be delving deeper into how and what we are “All About ________”

B – Breastfeeding

Elegant Mommy has always been a place that fully and 100% supports breastfeeding. First of all, every month the Sioux Falls store hosts the area La Leche League meeting on the second Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m. With the new and improved Educated Mommy event area in the new store, this will be better than ever!

Elegant Mommy also carries many nursing supplies…from super comfortable nursing bras and nursing tanks to breastfeeding necessities like natural capsules to increase milk supply, nipple cream, a hands-free pumping bra, and reusable breast pads. We also carry Medela breast pumps and accessories.

We will be featuring some IBCLC’s from the Sioux Falls area here on the blog this month as well, so stay tuned for even *more* breastfeeding information and support!

C – Cloth Diapers

Wow – where to even begin with cloth diapers. Elegant Mommy is one of *the* best places to get cloth diapers in the area! We carry many brands and accessories, from pockets to fitteds to swim diapers, and frankly we have a wealth of information and knowledge about cloth and how we can help you with your cloth diapering needs.

To begin with, we have Diapapallooza every few months which is an opportunity for families to begin their cloth diapering journey on a budget…or to simply add to their ever-growing stash that they already have J. We have very knowledgeable staff that all have cloth diapering experience, so can share what they know…the best thing is that they don’t just know these things by reading in a book or learning second hand…this is real-life experience, folks!

In addition to that, we carry a huge variety of clothdiapers, trainers, and accessories. Also, don’t forget about wetbags, sprayers, cloth wipes, etc and the all-important cloth diaper-safe laundry detergent!

Seriously – no matter what your cloth diapering issue, question, or item needed, we’ve got you covered!

D – Doulas

Elegant Mommy has a true love for doulas! As a doula myself, I have loved the way that not only have we always seen the value in mamas having a doula present for their labor and delivery, but we have also helped spread the word, so to speak. Especially in this area, many, many women and families have never even heard of doulas, let alone know how helpful one can be during childbirth. Elegant Mommy has a mission to help families throughout pregnancy, and educating on the value of doulas is part of that.

If you do a search for doulas on our blog, particularly in relation to Childbirth Professional Day (a monthly blog feature), you will be able to find practicing doulas in the area (in addition to midwives and childbirth educators)…keep your eye out – there are many more doulas and other Childbirth Professionals that we will be featuring in the coming months!


Thursday, March 1, 2012

ABC's of Elegant Mommy - A

Today marks Elegant Mommy’s fourth (yes, FOURTH!!) anniversary! Can you believe it? What an amazing journey Shelly has gone on and what a wonderful and fantastic resource she has created in our community with education (i.e. Educated Mommy, the blog, facebook page, and very informed and helpful employees), amazing products, not to mention not just one, but TWO retail stores.

To celebrate the things that are special about Elegant Mommy, the other employees and I have put our heads together – so to speak – to come up with the ABC’s of Elegant Mommy. I will be posting the ABC’s of EM this month, in addition to some other fun features (did you know that IBCLC day and International doula week are both in March too??) – it’s going to be a busy month here on the blog, so stay tuned for some fun and entertaining things coming your way…feel free to let us know your ABC’s of EM, too!

So, without further ado, I give you “A”:

All about pregnancy, birth, babies, breastfeeding, and parenting!”

One of the things I love about Elegant Mommy, and I know you do too, is that it is so much more than just another retail store out to make money. Anyone who has ever met Shelly (and even those of you that haven’t – I’m sure you can tell) knows that though she’s a very savvy business woman and knows how to run a successful store (or two), that there’s so much more to her than that. She has had a vision for Elegant Mommy from the beginning, and she just continues to carry it out and build on the foundation that she’s created.

You can visit us in any way…in one of our stores, on our website, at our blog, on one of our three facebook pages, at foursquare, or on twitter, and get *all kinds* of information! You can purchase trendy, gently used maternity clothes and also learn what books other readers recommend to read during pregnancy. You can learn all about cloth diapering and the benefits and also purchase new (or USED during diapapallooza - which just happens to be going on today through Saturday) dipes for your stash. You can learn about the benefits of breastfeeding and also rent a hospital grade pump. You can get your belly casted and also learn about the advantages of hiring a doula. Seriously – the possibilities are endless.

So…when you think of Elegant Mommy, what do you think we are “all about”…?