Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hey Mama: How Do You Pamper Yourself? (There may be a little giveaway with this!)

Here in the Sara Rose household, the month of March has been shockingly, mind numbingly busy and overwhelming.  From ear infections, weird sinus infections, allergies galore to cars deciding to mysteriously drain our bank accounts to overwhelming amounts of deadlines with school, writing, life and you know being a mama and wife and HUMAN . . . . I could pass out from exhaustion and I may very well do so.

I am so grateful for a two week break before classes and deadlines get heavy again.  I'd like to get caught back up and, maybe perhaps, A BIT AHEAD for once.  But as I sat decompressing in a hot bath with a huge mug of tea and a face mask, I thought "I am so not alone here.  Every mama and daddy has moments where they want to hide in bed for a week just to feel human again!"

The best place of all, a big comfy bed, waiting for you!
So here's the question of the evening- how do you unwind and pamper yourself?  I have a number of ways, depending on my mood and exhaustion levels.  Here's my top 10 list (in no particular order) or ways to decompress.

Sometimes, mama needs some bubbles and some time to breath.
-Big, hot bath with bath salts, a facial mask, big mug of tea or wine, and followed up by luxurious lotion and many sighs of contentment.
-A pile of magazines with a steaming mug of coffee or cocoa.
-My kindle with a piece I've been dying to read, and again a hot mug of goodness or a glass of wine.
-A long walk with the pup, focusing on nothing but enjoying the scenery and taking long, deep breaths.
-Yoga and a bit of meditation where I focus on calming and centering myself through deep, cleansing breaths.
-Cooking up a delicious dinner or baking a yummy treat.
-A movie in bed or on the couch with my hubby.
-Sketching, knitting, or journaling.
-Catching up on things that need done (weirdly, this relaxes me deeply, because I know I haven't got pressing things to attend to).
-A cuddle with my children and hubby, ad a moment to just enjoy being with them.

(I don't think I can say 'just sitting and staring occasionally', can I?)

Body Luxe salts, lotion and scented oils.
I have found a new line of delicious smelling, all natural body products that have been making my baths PURE BLISS.  Everything I have tried from this Etsy shop has been superb quality and made me feel pampered and more relaxed than I could have ever imagined.  I am in LOVE with their lavender vanilla bath salts, body butter, and scented oils.  I use them religiously.

Now, I have a goodie bag of a BUNCH of Body Luxe products that I want to giveaway very soon. BUT, I want to see ten people respond and let me know how they pamper themselves.  If I get 10, then I'll be doing a very special gift in a giveaway!

Beautiful Body Luxe gift box.


TheDabblingCrafter said...

I enjoy an evening catching up on the DVR with the hubby or a glass of wine at the fire pit.

Urania said...

a bath, tea and a good book unwinds me..

Katie Brown said...

A bath with a magazine, or getting lost in a book. I also love to bake to wind down.

Heidi Jane Blankets said...

I very rarely pamper myself, with 3 kids 4 and under and a husband who's barely here, I don't get much alone time. It is nice to go shopping alone sometimes though.

Kassi said...

I knit during naptime and have a glass of wine in the evening. I also have Bibletime with my breakfast.

Sarah said...

lately, TEA! a bath is usually nice too.

Heather said...

A couple ways I pamper myself...
-Catch up on shows I have recorded on the DVR
-An evening of laughter with friends from church, eating cream puffs and sharing recipes.
-Sitting with my 5 year old and reading books
-Driving down the road with m...y daughter and having Life 96.5 on the radio and singing as loud as we can

Sunflower Joy said...


Katie said...

I love Facebooking. Weird, I know!

I also love to watch movies, and take hot baths.

John and Meagan said...

Baking/ cooking is very therapeutic for me.

Jarrod and Samantha said...

Watching DVR'd shows during naptime, a nap myself, grabbing a decaf mocha, a workout followed by an uninterrupted shower in the locker room!

KirbeeLee said...

My violin and a lovely piece of music. Or a good movie, a soft blanket, and a snuggly husband :D

smuck said...

I like to sit in the recliner and send my LO outside with the hubby.

Jennifer said...

A nice walk, followed by a bath with a book and a glass of wine.