Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Wednesday Pause for Gratitude


Please, now that I've expressed my deep and profound gratitude that the sun is back, and I can go for walks without the icy cold air biting my lungs, please weather people, don't let it leave!  I've been able to get the kids outside everyday to play with mud and splash puddles, I've walked our happy dog daily, and I've opened up all the curtains!  I wander around humming and happy as I gaze at the hazy spring sunlight and air out the house from a stuffy, cold winter.

I am a critter who loves the sun.  I won't deny it.  Winter has perks, burrowing in nightly with bowls of soup, good movies, thick books, and long journal entries.  But sunlight! Waking up smiling as you rub the sleep out of your eyes, sitting on the porch for the first few sips of coffee, while you watch the world wake up- I live for it.  I am one of those annoying people who lives for bright, happy sunny days- they make me eternally cheerful.

Yesterday, we were working out our plans to put in our gardens as we cleaned the porches, shoveled compost, and let the kids get dirty.  I realized, ever NOT so profoundly, "This is what life's about! Humming along, making plans for the future that isn't so distant, and smiling back up at the sun!"  (Ok, someone can slap me with the cheer patrol's 'would you hush up!")

But, tulips and daffodils and asparagus and the SUN!  I am so happy, I could do a little dance right now!  I love sunshine!  Thank goodness our bitter winter might be well on it's way back into hibernation!  What are you grateful for?

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Happiness Inside said...

What a wonderful picture your painted with your words! How I long to get out and garden on a Saturday. :)

Today I am grateful for "getting things done." I'm in a groove - and feelin' groovy! I'm appreciating the moment, because usually I'm dashing here and there, spinning plates and trying to keep them from slipping to the floor!

Hope you and yours have an absolutely fabulously sunshiny day! :)