Thursday, May 19, 2011

What Could You Live Without?

I was reading this article over on OhDeeDoh about all the things you are told you 'need' when you have a baby and the readers responded in their comments about the things they didn't get or end up needing when they had their kids.  The answers were interesting and ranged from bottle warmers to pack-n-plays to rocking chairs and I want to hear from you all what you ended up NOT needing with your wee ones!

What did we not end up needing at our house? I can second the bottle or wipe warmers- totally not worth it or necessary- didn't even buy them.  The diaper stacker thing that comes with lots of baby bedding sets was also totally useless to me. What really burned me up was, as so many people had mentioned, the Diaper Genie! UGH!  How did it ever get so popular? It is SO HARD to use and impractical.

Both of my kids responded better to walking and gentle bouncing on an exercise ball to fall asleep than a rocking chair.  The only unexpected thing that hit us was not needing his crib . . . because he refused to NOT co-sleep until  he was about 15 months old.  Soon he and Eva will be sharing a room and he'll be in a big boy bed.  It goes so fast!

By and far, I wish I hadn't been so adamant about disposable diapers with Eva.  Yours truly, Sara Rose, is humble enough to sheepishly admit to wasting most likely a decent down payment amount for a car.  Oh, or a year of school, etc.  My mother tried very hard to get me off the disposables wagon.

Despite the obvious negativity of my son having super sensitive skin, in a way, I an so glad that it forced us on to the cloth diaper path.  We were already headed down the natural parenting/eco-friendly lifestyle path and when we got our big old box of cloth diapers- it feels like it cemented the deal!

Which, of course, couldn't make me happier, because we love our little, humble life and I work for the MOST AWESOME company EVER!  I was really happy when I got pregnant with Owen to be able to say, whenever we were shopping for his stuff "Nope. Definitely DO NOT need that."  We spent far less.  So what, did you find yourself NOT needing with your kids?

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jill said...

I could have done without the waterproof crib matress protector. Don't know why I thought I needed it in the first place...the mattress is waterproof for cryin out loud. Crib sheets fit snuggly enough on their own and trying to smash the liner underneath was nearly impossible. I even accidentally ripped a sheet when trying to squeeze I on.