Thursday, May 5, 2011

Call to Help Alabama!

We are partnering with Fuzzi Bunz to help victims of the tornadoes in Alabama.  The mothers and children who lost everything need help.  We are collecting children and baby clothes, cloth diapers, etc.  We will be shipping our donations directly through the On Wings Of Care . ORG. We also encourage you to check their page and the Fuzzi Bunz page (as well as our own) on how and what to donate.  If you have any questions of what we will be donating & if you can bring your stuff to drop off to be sent with ours, please email or message us through our FaceBook page.

We know that if we were in need from a natural disaster, people would do these same kind things for us, so let's do it for other people who are suffering.  'Paying it forward' is one of the most important lessons we can teach our kids. Giving items, time, help teaches our kids that we have to be concerned and care for people in need.  Let's help moms in Alabama so they can take care of their babies and have one less thing to worry.  Again, visit those pages for information, and most importantly, thank you for your help.

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