Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Giveaway: PKStuff Happy Bag Set

We're giving away a pink and green patterned set of PK Bags!

Last week, we reviewed an awesome set of PK reusable bags and this week, we'll be giving a set away.  I've got a set of 3 PK bags, and a few other fun surprises to put in a giveaway prize for one lucky winner.  I've got a few extras that are super special and I'm excited to do this giveaway!  The contest will end May 11th at midnight, and we'll announce the winner the next day!  Here are the rules:

1.  Leave a comment with how you try to reuse/reduce/recycle in your family.
2.  Include if you are signed up to follow on the blog, on Facebook, and/or on Twitter.
3.  Be sure to leave your Facebook and/or Twitter links or handles so we can follow you too!
4.  Please leave your email address so we can contact you right away about getting your prize shipped to you!


Kassi said...

We use washable rags instead of sponges or papertowels. Cloth diapers, and I'm starting to use cloth pads. Since before we went "green", I had a huge collection of plastic leftover containers, we use those for snacks instead of baggies. I just recently used toilet paper rolls to make sidewalk chalk :P

@Wife05mommy08 on Twitter, Kassondra Hamilton on FB, and following the blog! .

bensmommy1014 said...

We recently decided to go cloth with diapers & wipes & we recycle our pepsi cans=] I follow on Facebook which is Katie White & my emial is

Amanda said...

We CD (although dd is potty trained other than at night). We are planning on CDing our next baby full-time (dd was only part-time due to daycare) and our grandbaby that is due in November. We use reusable snack/sandwich bags (although we only have a few - need more) and lunches are brought in reusable sacks. I'm TRYING to use mama cloth but I haven't been able to find any that don't leak on my heavy days. They are also not possible while I am working during the day because of my line of work. I do use mama liners exclusively though. I follow on the blog, twitter and FB.
GFC/FB: Amanda Alvarado
Twitter: Dolphin4176
Email: tvpg at aol dot com

Gab The Blab said...

We throw all of our soda cans together, crush them, and take them in for change and then put the change in our 1 1/2 month old son Isaac's savings account. Hopefully recycling all these cans over time helps get our little man into college one day!

Gab The Blab said...

Forgot to include my email:

myricksl6 said...

We do a lot of fun things to reuse/recycle! I always have an upcycling project going on (right now I am making a babyshower gift for a friend out of materials I have on hand), our 4 year old son just turned a coffee can into an adorable crayon holder, and my husband rides his bike to work instead of taking the car. We also recycle through our community and use our own shopping bags!
Sara Myrick on Facebook, and I follow the blog.

pudwil said...

I use burp cloths for everything and am switching to more natural cleaning methods (pass the vinegar please!) I'm currently working to improve my ability to upcycle-I need ideas!
facebook: Lisa Groon

Summer said...

Well, we drive a Hybrid vehicle, we always try to take our own bags when shopping, we try to only buy local, organic produce (yay for Farmer's Market season to make this SO much easier!), and most recently, we've started cloth diapering our 9 month old! I thought that it would be a difficult undertaking, but it is so easy!! In fact all of these things make our lives better in some way. It's nice knowing that keeping my family healthy and saving money actually help us to be green :)

I follow you on FB and Titter.

FB: Summer DuPree
Twitter: yogiskibunny

Jennifer said...

We cloth diaper our daughter, hang laundry to dry on the line as much as possible, use reusable wash rags instead of papertowels, recycle with our town, I use cloth pads, and we're making the transition to reusable snack bags & glass "tupperware".

Jennifer Krohn Schieuer on Facebook

New follower to the blog! :)

Selina said...

In our family, we use cloth diapers, I use mama cloth, we use reusable grocery bags instead of plastic, we recycle & compost.

Selina said...

Oops! I hit submit too soon!
I follow your blog wth GFC, Facebook (Urban Granola) , and Twitter (@Sillyna511)

And my email is selinarichelle{at}hotmail{dot}com

Thanks for the giveaway!

Sunflower Joy said...

what we do to reuse:

cloth diapers
mama cloth
unpaper towels

anjellfire at gmail dot com

alea said...

We cloth diaper, and are eliminating disposable wipes, tissues and paper towels little by little and recycle everything we possibly can. We make a lot of our own cleaning products and line dry as much as possible.

Following the blog and Facebook!


Jessica L said...

We cloth diaper our daughter, including wipes, I use cloth pads and Diva cup, cloth "unpaper" towels, natural cleaners, recycle, chemical free shampoo and body wash, recently switched from chemical laundry detergent to soap nuts. I cut too short/hole in the knee jeans into shorts. I'm always looking for new green things to try. The smaller my footprint the better!!
On Facebook I'm Jessica June Cleaver Tebben. Email is

Kristin said...

Follow your blog and on facebook.

We cloth diapered, use reusable dish scrubbers, cloths, unpaper towels, snack bags, recycle, try to take our own bags to grocery (not always successful with that, but do recycle the plastic grocery bags if we fail), always lookingn for more things change to be more green.

facebook is
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eclairre said...

We try to use market bags instead of plastic bags.