Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pause For Gratitude: The Last Day of School

I may end up regretting this post.  We'll see at the end of summer, I suppose.  Anyways, today was the end of year class picnic and last night was Eva's 'graduation' from Pre-K.  In a couple weeks, summer rec starts but for now, it's just really nice to have some together.  I miss having time thats uninterrupted by seven hundred things to do, places to be, the list is endless.

We've all been feeling really stretched thin around lately.  With 3 people doing school at various times a day, work at more times a day, and all the millions of things we have going on, it's just so nice to have our pace slow a bit.  In fact, my friend Sarah at Pink of Perfection echoed the same sentiment that I've had for weeks of being just a bit too exhausted.

So for a few weeks, we can hang out around the house, paint, go to the library, and just enjoy a few minutes to breath.  What are you grateful for today?

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