Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Product Review: Bummas Cloth Wipes

We received a package of Bummas before we started carrying them at the store, so Nolan and I have been able to try them out for a few months now.  Our son, Owen, as I've mentioned several previous times, is allergic to everything with chemicals and scents.  Thus, cloth wipes with water or the unscented Wee Essentials wipe solution are usually our best bets.  You can get both on our site and in our store.

I'd been using bird seed cloth for wipes, so using ones that were soft terry cloth were new to me.  The only con I really have is that the Bummas wipes are narrower and shorter than I personally prefer, but they are absorbent and soft.  They are also extremely good at wiping up big messes with one or two swipes.  That's really nice, as I hate having to use several wipes to clean up a mess.

They wash well and don't collect lint in the dryer.  They also don't get attached to other things in the dryer, another big plus.  They don't ten to shrink and have stayed just as absorbent as they were when I first got them.  They're also REALLY handy for face and hand clean up or spot wiping little messes on Owen's clothes.

Overall, I liked them.  Personally, I still prefer my birdseed cloth wipes, but these are REALLY great for traveling too.  I would definitely suggest picking up a pack or two for your own home!

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