Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weekly Round Up!

What we've been reading and thinking about this week, along with fun stuff that just needs to be shared!

-10 Truths About Motherhood- (It is safe to say that I'm OBSESSED with this blog right now.)

-The Mommyologist- (This blogger is all about getting your mojo back and still finding tijme to be YOU- fun, sassy, and sexy.)

-Momversation- (A cool new site that has loads of mom-bloggers)

-10 Truths- Jennifer Brandt (A great posts tabout the things she's found to be true about motherhood.)

-Freud and Poop- Jennifer Brandt (A hilarious take on her son's obsession with going potty.)

-10 Truths- Heidi David (I loved this post.)

-Pregnancy Superstitions (Did you have pregnancy superstitions? I did.  Here's some logical thought on them.)

-Heidi Davids Blog- (She Wrote on 10 Truths about motherhood and her own blog is AWESOME.)

-All the cool stuff Nicole found for her son August's Orange Themed Nursery)

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