Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Official Farewell :)

Eva, Myself, and Owen at Pre-K Graduation.
It's been a little over 7 months that I've written for you and Elegant Mommy and I have loved every second of it.  When I started, Shelly had the vision of expanding our web presence and offering our customers more information on natural parenting, lifestyle, and our products.  I feel like we accomplished quite a bit of that and I really hope that you have all enjoyed reading and sharing along the way with us.

Alas, sometimes the rest of our 'real lives' call.  As I continue further into my work for my masters degree and as a professional writer, both my husband and my academic and career loads have gotten to be much heavier.  I'm also a stay at home mom, and I very much consider that to be a full time job.  When I'm not cooking, cleaning, running errands, all that fun stuff- I work on educating my kids, playing with them, and being a 24/7 presence in their lives.  It's an opportunity my mother never got and I am blessed to have.

However, sometimes you have to re-prioritize.  Nolan's and my own work loads for our various projects- both in career and school- have gotten to be so heavy that after much prayer and thought, I realized that I am spread a bit too thin.  Shelly needs someone who can devote much more time to making her company's vision of being the leader for our area o natural parenting and lifestyle.  Despite my fervent desire to be a part of helping her meet that goal, I do have to prioritize my family and my own needs as well.

I want Shelly to have a writer and social media developer who can commit much more time to this goal than I currently can.  It's been awesome, amazing, and a huge journey for me to be a part of her vision and I am really grateful for the opportunity.  So, I want to thank Shelly, Elegant Mommy, and you- our customers for helping us reach her awesome goals and letting me be a part of it.

I look forward to reading your next blog writer!  I will still be at my personal family blog often, so you can still find me from time to time!  Thank you for being an amazing and supportive community.  I was truly blessed to have this gift of a job and am thankful to Shelly for believing in me.  I can only hope I helped her as much as I hoped to.  I'm sad to not be your Elegant Mommy writer anymore but I know you and I will all continue to support Elegant Mommy and be thankful for all that they offer.  I can't wait to see the next chapter for Elegant Mommy!

Bless you all.  Thank you.  Signing off.

Sara Rose

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