Thursday, April 21, 2011

Teething Bling GIVEAWAY!!!!

Teething Bling to win!
Three lucky parents will be receiving a piece of lovely Teething Bling!  I've got a brown bracelet, a turquoise one, and a turquoise pendant to give away! (Note that I had mentioned having the turquoise necklace and bracelet myself, these are not the ones I own- mine I bought. :)  I really think our winners will be super excited to receive these beauties and I think we may be carrying them in the store very soon!  I'll keep you updated!
Turquoise Bracelet

Brown bracelet (I 'think' it's agate.)
Here's the rules:
1.  Leave a comment.  Tell us if you'd like to see these at the store and website.  Also tell use which piece you would prefer.  (If I've got my winners wanting the same piece, I'll try to give you the closest match!)
2.  If you have a facebook address, twitter handle, etc., let us know it so we can add you!
3.  Make sure you are following the blog (sign up in the left side bar).
4.For an additional entry- if you've got a funny teething story, we want to hear it!
5.  In your entry, please put a contact email address in case we can't get in contact with you via FaceBook or Twitter.
The turquoise pendant.

The contest will be over at midnight, Wednesday, the 27th, with the winners announced the next day.  Good luck!  I can't wait for the winners to get their Teething Bling!


Tara said...

would love to see these at your store. i like turquoise.
taraz9 at excite dot com

Tara said...

twitter @curious_kitty
taraz9 at excite dot com

Katie said...

I've been wanting one of those necklaces, and the turquoise is so pretty!

Terese said...

I have always wanted to get one of those! especially the necklace. i would love to see them locally in your store! Love the turquoise necklace or the brown bracelet.

Kara'sKreations said...

LOVE teething bling. I got a necklace before we traveled to Korea to get my son. It was one of the first things he did when I held him. Started playing with my necklace right away and in his mouth it went. PERFECT!! Great for keeping him busy in church too! Can't say enough about them!

Mrs. Adams said...

Never owned a teething anything...for the lil'ones..and I have had 5 teethers..and will be looking for baby #6 to start teething in the fall...Love the turq.Pendant! Then the brown!!

Mrs. Adams said... me at

and for a personal story...Since I had no teethers...every time I went grocery shopping with my eldest...I would pick up a card-board book to nibble on....By the end of his teething ness...we had a complete set of dr.Suess board books....They were truely nasty....but it was at least a conversation starter when people saw the half eaten books on the shelf.

John and Meagan said...

I like teething bling, but even more than seeing that at the store, I'd love to see some amber teething necklaces. I can't find them anywhere locally, but heard that they're a wonderful, natural way of relieving teething pain.
I'd like the necklace in brown if you have it :)

meaganhemingson AT

The Knapps said...

Seeing these in a store would be great...I really like the turquoise one. I also follow your blog.

danielleaknapp at gmail dot com

SuperWittrocks said...

I'd love to see these at the store! And I really like the turquoise as well (esp. the necklace).
(Facebook - Brandon Liz Wittrock,

Nissa said...

Talk about timing! Hunter just got his first tooth in today. I was planning on trying amber, but these are cute and if it looks like they'll work well I would definitely prefer them! Hunter looks great in green.

Nissa said...

I should have googled it first. XD
I would definitely be interested in these. Hunter has already broken 1 chain of mine.

bensmommy1014 said...

Ben would enjoy these. He gums everything including mommy =] I like turquoise or brown bracelet. My fb page is @ brandonsbabe0517 & my email is

Nik said...

Those would be super fun to have at the store! If I won, I'd like the pendant.

I'll follow you shortly, after this posts, of course.

emthaler3 said...

Those would be fantastic to see at the store!! I would love the brown one! And I am also now following your blog and am already a friend on facebook!

Heather R said...

It would be great to see these at your store. I would love to get the necklace, my daughter was notorious for breaking chains as an infant and I am hoping to be better prepared for my new baby boy! I follow your blog.
Facebook: T.h.Ransom
Twitter: @THRansom

Heather R said...

My daughter's first teeth were her upper eye teeth so she looked like a little vampire with fangs! Her pacifier didn't help with teething bec it fit between her two teeth and so we ended up having to always keep a teething toy handy!

Mary said...

I think these would be great to sell at the store! I already follow you on FB and my email is

Katie said...

thankfully teething went pretty smoothly for my son. he didn't get his first tooth until he was 14 months old and then it was a top front tooth! he looked hilarious!!

lissy0905 said...

I would love to see these at your store and online! I like the turquoise necklace, and I liked you on facebook :)