Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Product Review: Teething Bling

Sorry it's so fuzzy- PhotoShop and I were not agreeable this morning!
When I first requested a sample for ‘Teething Bling’, I have to be honest.  With that name, I was expecting bedazzled binkies or teethers for my son.  I was NOT excited about the idea of rhinestone encrusted weirdness going in his mouth.  I should have precessed this with the fact that my kids both seemingly started teething when they were two seconds old. So, we’ve been through the mill on teethers.  Cold gel filled ones, water ones, hard plastic nubby ones, wooden, we’ve run the gamut.
Two of the bracelets and one necklace.  Aren't they cool

I couldn’t have been more shocked by what sent me.  JEWELRY. But TEETHERS.  Cool, artsy pendants made of turquoise, wood, and beads or bracelets made of stone.  The jewelry was very in line with what I wear (and I don’t wear a ton of jewelry) and they were strung on adjustable bands of leather or cord.  Of course, the true test has been my son, Owen.

Owen is forever cutting a tooth, or ten.  And if something is dangling off my neck or wrist, he’s on it like glue.  The fact that he could also suck on it or chew it made these golden for him.  I wore one turquoise set religiously and he was the happiest boy on the block.  They are easy to wash and sanitize, incredibly durable and pretty!  No rhinestone insanity!  I think both mama and babe were pretty happy with this discovery.

I do hope the store can carry these because I can see the line appealing to a lot of different mama’s fashion senses and jewelry likes.  Plus, the idea that I can hand my bracelet to my son, he can nom away at it happily, and I don’t have to worry about it breaking or choking him?  I was especially pleased.

Side view of one of the turquoise pendants

Take a look at the pictures of each and tell us!  (Pictures will be in the post) Would you wear these?  Would you be interested in trying them out?  We rely on you to let us know what you really want in the store, so if these are items you would love- let us know!  In the meantime, until Owen finally cuts whatever last teeth he is ALWAYS cutting, I’ll be glad to wear the pieces I selected for myself.  I’m also happy that since the teether goes ON me, it’s one less thing I have to dig out of the diaper bag of my purse for him.  He LOVES examining the pieces too.  It’s both art and function, all dolled up.

I feel sort of bad that I thought these would be cheesy.  I’m really picky about toys, jewelry, and all the stuff that we keep around.  The name really led me to think “Great.  Another piece of weird junk to toss in less than three weeks.” But, I got these in January and the pieces still look brand new and cool.  I will take my serving of humble pie now.  


Terra said...

I love teething bling! I have a necklace and a bracelet. I wear the bracelet alot and then I always have a cute accessory and a toy for Sierra handy. I would love if I could buy them locally. I would give them as gifts, and definitely buy more for myself if I could just run into a store and grab them. I never think ahead enough to have to depend on ordering them.

tiffany said...

I really want to try these. Smart product.