Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Shelly's Take: Favorite Family Spring Activities

Our family activities vary so greatly as our children get older, but one of my favorites is getting out in the yard. Yesterday I stopped at Ace Hardware and spent less than $10 on items to let them plant 5 different kinds of plants from seed and watch them grow. I did nothing besides open the soil bag and they did the rest. The kids really enjoyed it and as they are getting older they understand the importance of sun and rain on making sure the plants grow.

I also love to be able to walk to pick up the kids from school on nice days now. We don't live too far from the school (about a mile) and its a nice break for all of us to have that time in the fresh air to focus on what the day held for all of us.

Spring also brings Easter for all of us and in our neighborhood that means our annual Easter Egg Hunt. On the Monday after Easter, all of the families on our street gather to let the kids find Easter eggs and then we have a grill out in one of our garages. Its a great time for everyone to come back out of hibernation after the winter and opens up the doors for those who may be new to the neighborhood.

Pretty basic, simple activities in our family is what makes life exciting!

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