Monday, April 4, 2011

Product Review AND Giveaway: H2mio Water Bottle

The nifty h2mio bottle!
With our April emphasis on green living and ensuring that we are supporting projects that encourage both natural parenting AND the 3 R's-reuse, recycle, reduce- we bring you the H2Mio Water Bottle!  

Glow in the dark ring on lid and grooves to allow for an easy open and close- even for little hands.

The H2Mio from Seattle Sports is more than just a water bottle. It is built from BPA free, food grade stainless steel and has a slew of neat features. It has a large neck, allowing ice cubes to easily fit inside. On the cap are modified threading patterns to allow you to pour liquid without removing the cap completely, along with a a glow in the dark ring to find your bottle in the dark and a flip-up loop to help you carry the bottle on a clip or other fastener. As an added benefit, the bottle can separate in the middle, becoming two cups for easy sharing. In addition, the H2Mio allows you to customize your bottle by choosing custom bottle and band colors.

It has an interchangeable band!

These neat features make it ideal for outdoor adventures. With its rugged construction, it would be just as great on hikes through the hills as an afternoon in the park. It carries a full liter of fluid, giving you more fluid to keep you going, no matter where you are. Beyond its intended purpose, you can use the H2Mio as a snack carrier for you or your family. Fill it up with cereal or other goodies during a car ride or camping trip. Since it is not insulated, it would not be wise to store perishable items like fruits, vegetables, or hot beverages in it (it may be okay if the fruits were frozen prior to use).

A snack sized bag of snacks plus more can fit in the bottle too!

A 20 oz. bottle of water costs a dollar or more and contributes to the garbage polluting our planet. An H2Mio filled with tap water or filtered water can help reduce the garbage we put out each month. The H2Mio, at under $20, is a value or 3 or 4 (24 pack) cases of bottled water that you can use again and again.  

We are giving away one of these great H2mio's to one lucky reader!!!  We want to help you reduce, reuse, and recycle, so I'm going to run this giveaway from Monday, the 4th until Monday the 11th, and announce the winner on Tuesday, April 12th!

To enter, the rules are:

-Leave a comment with your FaceBook page, your twitter handle (if you have one, if not- that's fine), and be sure to become a follower on our blog (on the left side bar)!
-Let us know how you would use the h2mio Bottle!
-Tell us one of your favorite ways to 'go green'!


Kassi said...

I follow the blog, Facebook and Twitter :-) Wife05mommy08

I'd use it for me! I am the worlds worst water drinker. I know I need to drink more, and if I could keep a bottle filled at all times with me, then I'd be more inclined to actually drink water :-)

We do a number of things to help with the enviroment. No paper towels, mainly cloth napkins, cloth diapers and as soon as my order gets here, I'll be making the switch to cloth pads! Super excited!

Wendy Johnson said...

I fallow your blog and Facebook page.

I would use the bottle at work for my water. I am always drinking water and hate having those plastic bottles everywhere. this would help get rid of all of them.

I have set up recycle bins in our house with lables on them so everybody including my almost 3yr old know what goes in each bin. I also compost my coffe grounds, egg shells and cartons, fruit and veggie peels. My daughter also loves arts and crafts so we are always looking for ways taht we can reuse stuff during arts and crafts.

AnaRoo said...

I follow on FB (Andrea Gardner) and on Twitter (organicmommaof4).

I would *LOVE* this bottle! With 4 kids it seems we are always losing one of their water bottles (usually in the car). The glow in the dark band would help me find it under the van seats (AKA the black abyss)!

We are a very "green" family. Cloth diapers, cloth baby wipes, natural and homemade organic soaps and cleaners, adn so much more. My favorite way to be green? Organic Free Trade coffee. Mmmmmmmm!

one lucky mom said...

one lucky mom said...

follow blog

one lucky mom said...

one_lucky_mom for twitter

one lucky mom said...

I'd use it for me and my kids for water and maybe try the snack thing too

one lucky mom said...

one way we are green is by using cloth diapers :)

Tom and Jen said...

I follow the blog and Facebook Page (

I would use the bottle to bring in the car when we travel and go to the park and visit the lake.

To hep our family stay green, we use cloth diapers, buy food locally and in season and recycle of course.

John and Meagan said...

I follow on the blog, FB, and Twitter.

I'd use it for my son who is learning how to drink from a cup. It's nice to have filtered water ready wherever we go without having to use plastic bottles (which use so much more energy to produce than turning on the tap).

To "go green" we cloth diaper, hang clothes to dry, recycle, semi-regularly compost, we bike to the co-op in warm months, and try to eat local.

Sheena said...

I "follow" on FB & Twitter *MamaSink*

I love water bottles! I have wanted to get a metal one.

We "go green" by using Cloth Diapers & we have started to use cloth napkins at home. We also try to pack lunches & such in reusable containers rather than throw away baggies. The reusable containers stand up better in the diaper bag anyways :)

Jessica said...

Twitter - jessvano
facebook - jvanoverbeke

Love re-useable water bottles and I like that you can actually fit snacks in this one!

We do cloth diapers, bike where we can and lots of other stuff to be green!

Kristi said...

Facebook: Kristi Adams

I'd use it for my boys and myself.

We try to do what we can to be "green": recycle, reuse when we can.

Jon and Brooke said...

facebook- Brooke Schwaderer

GFC- Brooke Schwaderer

I would use the bottle for myself

My favorite green thing I do is cloth diapers

Mummy's Money said...

I follow on FB & the blog
FB Tracy Spaulding Robinson

Our favorite snacks to take with us would be cheerios or little crackers, and one of our favorite ways to go green is repair the things we have instead of buying new, growing as much of our own food as we can, and using towels & cloth napkins instead of paper towels

Lisa said...

blog and facebook

Water and slushies!
Cade probably wouldn't mind some cheerios too:)