Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pause For Gratitude: Time with the kiddies

I am in a remarkable position.  Although, I work from home and am finishing an online masters, I get mornings with both my kids, and afternoons with my son.  I get time to make breakfast, watch the kids color and play, work on Spanish and French with Eva all in the mornings.

In the afternoons, after we drop Eva at school, Owen and I run an errand or two, then come home and sit down to lunch together.  We page through a couple of his favorite books, and after lunch we get ready for nap time.  Owen and I walk over, lock the door, make sure the lights and heat are off, grab his blankets/bottle/diaper/pjs and head to bed.

Every afternoon, I get to take an hour or so rest with Owen in my bed.  Sometimes I don't sleep and work while he snoozes.  Sometimes, I just lie and cuddle him and rest.  He's going through a phase where he doesn't WANT to sleep in his bed and prefers ours.  At first, I was annoyed- but now I've come to relish it.

After all, how often do we get an hour or two to snuggle and rest our eyes during a busy, hectic day?  It's nice to have a few moments of peace, rest, and reflection.  Plus, your baby holding your hand and tucking himself right next to you never hurts either.  I love that our children relish cuddle time with us.

Eva always wants 'mommy and me time' Thursday nights.  We sit on my bed, much some popcorn, do our nails, and just enjoy being together.  Oh all the things that I know will change, I am so happy to get these moments with my babies.  Someday they ma not want to be so close, so for right now, I'll treasure every minute I get that they want to be with us.

What are you grateful for today?

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