Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our May Diapapalooza Details!

We are having another Diapapalooza in May, so get ready!  If you're in need of cloth diapers and don't mind gently used ones, we're here to help.  The initial investment into cloth diapers can be a bit hefty during this economy, so this may be a great way for you to afford getting your little one into cloth diapers too.  We offer lots of support, explaining how each different brand and kind works.  Do remember, we hold regular cloth diapering lessons to help you out too!

Diapapalooza isn't just for cloth diapers, we include all sorts of other gently used products and all natural products for your family. It's such a great way to get involved in the ever growing popularity of cloth diapers while making a natural and eco-friendly choice for your family.  You can sell diapers, carriers, accessories, blankets, and more.

Diapapallooza begins Thursday night, May 5th from 4-6pm and re-opens again Saturday May 7th from 11am-2pm at Elegant Mommy. We have tables set up and hundreds of cloth diapers to choose from! Prices will vary based upon what each seller decides to price their diapers at.

If you are a buyer, just show up with your questions and your form of payment during the times listed!

If you are a seller, RSVP to this event and we will private message you to get your email to send you the instructions! **Please note: All diapers must be dropped off by 5pm on Tuesday May 3rd in order to be consigned on this sale**

You set the price and we print the tags. We will email you a form to fill out with your description and your price. We will print all of the tags and you can come tag your own diapers (to help reduce your consigning fee) or we will tag them for you. The consigning fee is 15% if you come in prior to the sale for at least 1 hour to help us get ready (Wednesday and/or Thursday). If you are unable to come help, the consigning fee will be 20%.

After the sale ends on Saturday, we will add up your sales, subtract your consigning fee and issue you a check. Checks and diapers will not be available for pickup until after 12pm on Monday. All consignors will be required to sign a form stating that you have checked your diapers to ensure you have all of them before you leave the store. We will not issue any checks for lost diapers once you have left the store. You can also have your check mailed to you and we will donate your diapers to local non-profits with clients who are interested in cloth diapering.

You can RSVP to our event page on FaceBook so we can get you a cosigner packet sent immediately.  
Any questions?  Please email shelly@elegantmommy or call 605-338-0228

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