Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pause For Gratitude: Fresh Produce & Farmers Markets

Every single one of these things can be bought fresh and locally in our stores!
Sara Rose here.  I want to talk about fresh produce, farmers markets, and the value of living in agriculturally driven state.  Eventually, in a few years, Nolan and I will be uprooting our family for our careers, but we really want to move to a community that has strong agricultural atmosphere and a focus on being 'green' or environmentally friendly.  We want a home where we can keep growing our own gardens, recycling, and a town where we don't have to use vehicles much, we can walk and bike our kids to school and markets.

We love and are so grateful for the fact that, despite our town being small, we have three farmers markets and the very cool town farm.  Have you HEARD of our Town Farm?  It is so neat.  Right on main street, we've got a late spring through early fall, Dave and Elaine Roetman farm about 5 lots they bought from the city behind their house.  Their produce ranges from fresh herbs to raspberries, cabbage, a million different kinds of tomatoes, cabbage as big as my head, the list is endless.

I also appreciate that two of our local grocers support local farmers and buy meat and produce directly from them to sell to the people of Vermillion.  With all the new efforts at recycling and reviving our economy from the inside out, I love that we have these ecologically sound offerings.  Of course, we have our own veggie garden every summer too- but everyone reaps the benefit of eating fresh, locally produced items as often as possible.

I know communities around Sioux Falls and in Sioux Falls itself, there are thriving local farmers markets, farm stands, and a bigger focus on local produce and meats in the stores.  This is fantastic!  Seek them out, support your neighbors as they support you in feeding your family!

South Dakota has to support our farmers so that we can keep growing and bring our state to the stage of America as one to be reckoned with when it comes to our quality of life.  I urge each and every one of us, even if you can't have your own veggie patch, try to seek out the freshest and local produce and meat to feed your family.  That way we keep the circling going and growing, and we do our best to help each other.

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Happiness Inside said...

Hi Sara,
This post is right up my alley! I volunteer almost every Saturday at our own city's public market, and am a member of the "Friends of the Public Market."
The quality of the produce is much fresher, watching families build bonds with the farmers growing the food that reaches their tables is so beautiful, and supporting our local farmers is wonderful for the economy!
No matter where you live, you should seek out what is grown locally!
All my best,