Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Healthy Breakfasts: Egg White Omelets

I may be among the few here, but I actually prefer the flavor of egg white omelets to full egg omelets.  That being said, this recipe can go either way.  However, here's the distinction if you are doing eggs versus egg whites.  For one person, I prefer 3 egg whites OR 2 full eggs.  My husband prefer 4 egg whites or 3-4 full eggs.  I like light and fluffy omelets, he prefers ones that are a bit heavier.  So, whichever way you take this recipe, feel free to adjust eggs and portions of ingredients accordingly.

My kids do like cheese omelets with cut up fruit for breakfast but I have yet to get them into ones with hers and veggies too.  So I try to keep the cheese low fat or ones with skim or 2% milk.  Luckily they will go with cut up fruit as a side, right?  I've also been keeping glasses of juice between two to 4 ounces for a glass  Granted we drink all-natural juices, but the sugar content is still pretty high.  Or, I offer a glass of water with a meal and a snack so they boost how much water that they drink.

I like omelets on weekends but they are easy enough to do any day of the week.  You can use use cheese or veggie leftovers, and the add ins are infinite.  Use what you love.  Here, I've got a spring time omelet because I just so happen to love the fruits and veggies that spring brings.  I will be making the recipe for one omelet.  If you want to make more- just double/triple/ quadruple the ingredients!  I'm doing it for one, simply because I usually make them one at a time.

Spring Vegetable Egg White Omelet

-3 egg whites
-1-2 tbs milk
-1/2 cup steamed or sauteed chopped veggies (I usually do asparagus, broccoli, arugula, and a bit of shallots & garlic)
-1/4 cup shredded cheese (I'm loving Gruyère or provolone on this omelet lately)
-1/4 tsp herbs such as oregano, tarragon, thyme, or marjoram
-Salt and pepper to taste

-Set a medium skillet on low to medium heat and give it a quick spray with non-stick spray (I prefer the olive oil kind for this)
-If your veggies need sauteed first, throw them in with plenty of salt and pepper and perhaps a bit of olive oil.  I really like to use crushed red pepper flakes- but it's entirely your choice.)
-Set aside sauteed veggies.  Whisk eggs with milk until it's light and bubbly.
-Pour eggs into pan.  Season with herbs,salt and pepper.  Make sure to loosen the sides of the omelet regularly until it's ready to flip- usually 2-3 minutes. You want the center to be just lightly jiggly.
-Flip omelet.  After about 2-3 more minutes spread veggies and half the cheese down half the omelet.  Cover top with salt, pepper, and cheese.
-When cheese is melty, slide onto plate.  Serve with some fresh fruit and some whole grain toast.  Enjoy!

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