Monday, October 3, 2011

WAHM Month

Work at Home Moms. I know, I know…what moms don’t work at home? I mean, even if a mom has a job outside of the home, when she’s home she works. And if she stays at home with the kiddos, she works. ALL moms work, right? Well, yes. They do. A Work at Home Mom, though, is a special combination of those two. She is the mom who stays home with the kids, but also has a job (of some kind) that she does from home to bring in income. So, let’s get this straight. There are WOHM (Work Out of Home Moms), SAHM (Stay at Home Moms), and WAHM (Work at Home Moms). This month we are going to be focusing on Elegant Mommy’s WAHMs.

I have to be very honest. When Shelly and I were discussing topics for this month’s blog posts, I got *really* excited when she suggested a month featuring her WAHMs. As one myself, I really struggle sometimes with balancing everything. It’s not as easy as it would seem to take care of all the household things while also fitting in the “income generating” things as well. Not to mention spending quality time with and raising the kids. I’m lucky enough to have a super-supportive husband who helps me with everything. I think we would live in a pigsty if it weren’t for him! So, I’m really excited to see what these wonderful women can share with us all about what they do, and how they balance it all J.

Anyway, enjoy this month of Work at Home Moms that Elegant Mommy works with and retails…they are all amazing women!

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happy mommy said...

Excited to see what it brings...i agree balancing everything is definitely a challenge and should earn you special gold stars on any resume if you can master it imo....although of course gold stars are for the kids....they probably wouldn't be amused by them lol. The fact that I retty to play with my kids all day and make super cute diapers brings me sio much joy...i think I'm hooked hands down the best career ever!