Monday, October 24, 2011

WAHM - Meet Stacey Schumacher of IttyBitty Lydi

~What is the name of your business and what do you make?
IttyBitty Lydi
~Tell us how you decided to begin creating what you do and how it has changed your life.
When my daughter, Lydia was about 6 months old, I started making tutus for her and friends and family were loving what I was making. Soon people started to ask if I could make one for them. Of course, I did! Soon after making tutus, I also started Designing Hats/Headbands to match the tutus. Every Little princess needs a matching flower in her hair :) I have to say- after deciding not to go back to work at the Bar I worked at prior to having kids, I prayed EVERY night for something I could "make" or do to bring in money to help out with the bills...after about 6 months it kind of all just happened!
~Tell us about your family…kids, husband, pets, etc.
My husband Kurk and I were married in March of 2003, 5 days notice before we got married in our house, by the Army Chaplain. He was to be deployed and we were not sure how  quickly he would we had to work FAST! Luckily, he was only gone 2months at that time. He then deployed to Iraq in 2005-2006 upon his return, I soon found out I was pregnant with our now 4 year old Lydia. (After trying for 4 years to get pregnant unsuccessfully) in 2009-2010 he was again Deployed  but this time to Kuwait. He returned to us in April 2010 and our 2nd daughter Kalyssa was born in Dec 2010 (you do the math ;) We also have a Lab/ Boxer named Sydney Lou, she is the girls best friend. We recently found out she has bone she is getting spoiled and loved on as much as possible
~Tell us about how you are able to do what you do and balance your family life…how do you make it work?
Its a struggle to tell you the truth. My husband works crazy hours between his road construction job, and I never really know when he will be home to help with the kids.I do have a few VERY special Friends that will come and help out in exchange for products when I have an upcoming show (thank you Chrissy and Stacey and Karri!) I do work quite a few late nighters after the girls go to sleep
~Do you do anything in addition to your at-home business?
I work part time at Elegant Mommy here in Sioux Falls and run after a 4 year old and 10 month old. I also have a passion for Photography so that fills in any gaps I may have
~Is there any advice you would give to other WAHMs or those that aspire to work at home?
Just DO IT! If you THINK there is something out there that people may want, try it!  You may be surprised where your path leads you!

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