Thursday, October 13, 2011

WAHM - Meet Glam My Baby's owner Aron Larson

~What is the name of your business and what do you make?
Glam My Baby, I make blankets, legwarmers, reversible bandana dresses and reversible bandana skirts, and new product this fall winter hats!

~Tell us how you decided to begin creating what you do and how it has changed your life.
I was on maternity leave after I had my daughter Annika, she inspired me to make girlie things for her and then the ideas started flowing.

~Tell us about your family…kids, husband, pets, etc
I am married to a wonderful man named Steve, we have 2 sons, Korbin 12, Stellen 4, daughter Annika 2, and one on the way due end of March! We also have a German Shepherd Bali Mae.

~Tell us about how you are able to do what you do and balance your family life…how do you make it work? 
I am learning to use this fabulous app that syncs to my blackberry called Cozi which will text me reminders and allow to me do all my family members appointments, games, school events and remind me about snacks and dress down days at school!! I am also learning the importance of keeping the kids on a schedule after we get home during the week to keep things running smoothly!  My husband and I approach the kids in a team effort and my 12 year old is a fantastic entertainer!  I sew in my spare time and absolutely find it as my passion as it makes me feel so delighted to finish every item I sew!

~Do you do anything in addition to your at-home business?
I am a Sr. Systems Engineer for Great Western Bank and have been with them for 12 years and a full time cruise director for my family!

~Is there any advice you would give to other WAHMs or those that aspire to work at home?
Finding something that you truly enjoy doing will not make it seem like work, and that in its own self is rewarding and successful.

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