Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WAHM - Meet Rebekah of Rebekah Scott Designs

~What is the name of your business and what do you make?
Rebekah Scott Designs. I sew and design purses, children’s shoes and purse accessories including some hair accessories. 

~Tell us how you decided to begin creating what you do and how it has changed your life.
I grew up West River in Philip, South Dakota. From a very young age, I was always playing in mom's sewing scraps; I could spend hours designing Barbie clothes and hats for my friends. Around the age of ten, I was sewing stocking caps and selling them on the playground to friends. I give my mother all the credit for teaching me how to sew.

I again really got excited with sewing and designing when my graduation gift for college was a serger from my mom and dad. I continued to save money at Christmas by sewing purses for my friends and family. Word spread fast and soon I was getting calls from people I had never met placing orders for purses. I started small until it took over my life and I knew that this was something God had prepared me for all my life and it was time to embrace it!

To this day, I am still amazed at God's goodness and His grace - I love designing and would not want any other job in the world. So, with God’s and my husband's incredible encouragement and support, I decided to launch Rebekah Scott Designs.

~Tell us about your family…kids, husband, pets, etc
I have 2 kiddos, Gus-4 and Ivy- 18 months.  I love being a mom, I started this at home to remain at home with them and getting to see all their firsts- and so far so good, haven’t missed a single step!  My husband embraces my wild ideas still and loves to see my succeed, we still think my goodness how did we get here?  I met my husband at church camp 16 years ago and he still turns my head!

My immediate family is absolute essential in my business. My mom is my most full time employee other than me and my twin sister is my sales leader, she is so good at it.  My dad helps with my display units and weight for shows and trailer trouble ;)  and the rest of my family including inlaws just make sure to spread the word! 

~Tell us about how you are able to do what you do and balance your family life…how do you make it work?
Well we balance and then we re-balance and then we re-balance.  That’s our life. I am very self-disciplined by nature so I lead a “tight ship” as they say. We have a very scheduled day at home here so my children understand what happens now and then next, that way I can keep sewing and running our home.  Good thing my children don’t know any different, they just know mommy sews and I get to play.  I have rules about work:  No turning the machines on Sunday and no work from 11:30-1:30pm before lunch, ball time and nap time.  As long as I am consistent they are too J.

~Do you do anything in addition to your at-home business?
Is there anymore time?  Ha!  I do love to decorate my home and make old things new-er.  And I love farm life, so I try to help with cows and feeding men during harvest and that sort of thing. 

~Is there any advice you would give to other WAHMs or those that aspire to work at home?
Write your ideal day out and your total vision for your company, what exactly do you want to see in your future?  Be disciplined and do something everyday to make the “dream” bigger or one step further to your ideal lifestyle- one email, one phonecall, one google search, something.  Ask God to work out the details and ask to be His vessel onward, nothing is possible without His tail winds.  He gave us wings, but He controls the wind.   

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