Friday, October 28, 2011

WAHM - Meet Terra of Master Creative Designs

~What is the name of your business and what do you make?

My business is called Master Creative Designs and the bulk of my business is personalizing labels for 3 different sizes of Hershey’s Chocolate Bars for just about any occasion, event, holiday, etc. that you can think of. J  I also make personalized mintbooks, & waterbottles.

~Tell us how you decided to begin creating what you do and how it has changed your life.

I saw an ad in the back of a magazine, 7 years ago, for a company that offered computer software to help you personalize candy bars.  I loved the concept of creating favors and gifts for my friends, and building it into a business!  I really wanted to jump in and start right then, but with small children and a tight budget, it just wasn’t a good time.  I kept that opportunity in the back of my mind for 4 years, and when my 4th child was 2 months old, I was offered a “deal” I couldn’t pass up, and decided now was my time.  So while I am technically a “dealer” for another company, I solely drive this business to make it what it is.  They are my idea’s, my creativity, my time, and my paperwork (ugh, my least favorite part!)   And the longer I do this, the more I’m inspired to create my own designs and add to my collection of items.

~Tell us about your family…kids, husband, pets, etc

My family is my life.  My husband Mike and I have been married for 15 years in November.  We spent the first almost 3 years of marriage in a small town outside of Omaha, NE.  We have lived in Sioux Falls for 12 years now and love it here.

We have 5 sassy, rambunctious, and beautiful children, who keep life interesting and it is NEVER boring at my house.   Arianne is 13, Noah is 11, Gracie is 8, (she told me tonight that she is going to sell chocolate bars someday to pay her way through college…and I’m pretty sure she will.)  Zachary is 3, and Sierra turned one yesterday (the 27th of October).  We also have a Dachshund (weiner dog) named Jack Jack, after Jack Jack the wonder baby in the movie “The Incredibles.” 

~Tell us about how you are able to do what you do and balance your family life…how do you make it work?

I am able to do this business because of my incredible husband.  He helps out extra around the house so I can work on my orders, and go to craft shows.  He has also become somewhat of an expert when it comes to putting bars into foil pouches and placing them in the clear sleeves just the way I want them.  And my older children also love to help out where they can.  However, a majority of the things I do are done in the evenings while my children are sleeping. 

~Do you do anything in addition to your at-home business?

I am fortunate to be a full time stay at home mom.  But when you ask that, the term *taxi driver* did pop into my head. 

~Is there any advice you would give to other WAHMs or those that aspire to work at home?

You never know until you try!!

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