Thursday, February 7, 2013

WAHM Month - Introducing Shelly Rose Designs

This month we're going to be featuring some local Work At Home Moms (WAHM), particularly those whose products we carry at the store. We may be featuring other WAHMs, though, too, so be on the lookout! We at Elegant Mommy are super happy that we get to support our local mamas by carrying their products.

Today I'd like to introduce you to Shelly Rose Designs......enjoy!



~What is your business’ name?  Shelly Rose Designs

~What kinds of products or services do you offer?  Wool dryer balls, baby blankets, children’s clothing, stuffed animals and baby dolls, scarves, cowls, crochet scrubbies and dishcloths.  If it’s made of fabric or yarn I can probably do it or have made it.

~How and why did you get started with your business?  I have been crocheting and sewing since I was a child.  I have always loved art, all kinds and would always be doing something in my free time.  I later went to college and majored in Fine Arts.  I became a full time Stay At Home Mom when I was pregnant with my third in 2007.  I got bored and started quilting and crocheting again.  I made a couple of blankets and totes and then a few more.  My husband suggested that maybe I should try selling them so I found Etsy through my cousin.  I then started playing with wool and made a couple of dryer balls and listed them.  They sold right away so I made more.  I then started adding new items and lines and going from there.  I am working on new items all the time to keep it fresh and to build my business.  I love my job and love to be able to stay at home with my kids doing it.  I’ve always wanted to own my own little business and someday would like to open up a yarn and coffee shop.

~How do you balance it all? Family, activities, working from home, etc?  Family comes first, and then I squeeze in my work where ever and when ever.  I take my crochet to baseball, soccer, basketball practices and games (I can crochet without looking so I can still watch my kidsJ).  I sew with children on my lap or right beside me.  I even have an older sewing machine that I set up by mine from time to time for the kids to play with and they love it, my middle son is really quite good for 6.  I just constantly have projects going and if I get 5 minutes here and 30 there I am good.  Not to say my business takes a back seat at all.  I answer all emails same day unless I’ve already gone to bed.  Also, all orders are started or shipped within 24 hours so I am never behind and always on time.

~If applicable, how do you get your family/kids involved in your business?  My kids love to be involved.  I take them shopping with me to the fabric or yarn store and ask them what they like (free market advice).  Some projects I let them make their own modified version.  Now they think that mom can make anything and it’s neat to hear them telling their friends that they made something with me or I made them such and such.  I love that I can teach them the beauty of handmade from a first hand experience.

~Do you have any advice for other Work At Home Moms?  Do what you love.  Don’t give up.  Be positive.  If you love what you do it’ll show in your products.  Do your very best.  Always be aware of new trends ie colors, shapes, styles and incorporate it into your own line.  Be creative and original, make it yours.

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