Monday, February 4, 2013

Pizza, Jimmy Johns, and now...Elegant Mommy!

Guess what?!

Elegant Mommy now DELIVERS!!

Yep, I'm not even kidding.

So, here's the deal:

When shopping on our website (, you now have the option of "Delivery within 15 Miles" at checkout! That's right - if you would like to place an order and don't want to wait for (or pay for) the post office, but you can't make it into the store, we will deliver it to your doorstep! 

There are just a couple things you need to know:
  • You must live within 15 miles of Sioux Falls
  • Pay $5 (instead of the regular $7.95 shipping charge) on orders under $100 (orders over $100 are still free to ship/deliver)
That's it.

Seriously - how cool is this?! If I lived within 15 miles of Sioux Falls, I would totally do this...if for no other reason than getting to see my boss (or one of the other awesome Elegant Mommies) as she delivers my order to my door ;). Ha! Just joking...I would totally invite them in for coffee.

So......Get to shopping!!


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