Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Time for Gratitude - Pretending it's Warm

So, the other day I was folding clothes and I just had to giggle to myself.

No, it wasn't because I just love folding clothes (though that's truly one chore I don't mind).

It also wasn't because I had just heard a super funny joke...even though I do live with a couple comedians - ha!

No, I giggled to myself because as I was folding and sorting, there was a distinct pattern in what kinds of clothes I was folding. Both the kids had a large pajama pile (like maybe 4 or 5 pairs), and about 1-2 pairs of pants and 1-2 shirts. And their swimsuits. Yes, it was about 10 degrees outside and I was folding my kids' swimsuits. Not because we had just gotten back from an amazing tropical vacation. And not because we are awesome parents and have a membership to the Mitchell Rec Center so they can go swimming year round (even when it's 10 degrees outside). And not because we took them to one of the indoor waterparks at a local hotel so they could have some fun.

No, the reason I was folding their swimsuits is because they wear them around the house in lieu of warm winter clothing. All the time. Like, almost every day. I so seldom see them in regular clothes lately, that I've actually wondered why we even have so many cute clothes for them - seriously, they hardly ever wear them - unless we are going somewhere that day. Then as soon as we get back home, they strip off their cold weather clothing and exchange it for more summertime matter how many times they have worn it since it's been washed.

Just yesterday we had a couple meltdowns because it was simply too cold outside (you know, with the -30 wind chill and all...). It was chilly in here...we do live in a drafty century-old-house after all. I didn't want either of them to have less than at least regular shirt (longsleeve) and pants...preferably socks, though I did let it slide and they both went barefoot part of the day. I don't know if it was because I've been feeling kinda rotten the last few days and my patience just wore thin, or if they weren't feeling great (we've all been fighting something the past week or so), or what. But whatever it was, we had some serious disagreements about what acceptable attire for the day was. Even though we weren't going anywhere (yeah, that was one of Vienna's most fervent arguments "But Mom! We *aren't* GOING ANYWHERE!!!").

Well, we made it through it, and this morning as we were getting dressed, what did my three year old ask? "Mom, is my green swimsuit clean?"

I cringed because I didn't want a repeat of yesterday. "Yes, Porter, it is clean. But though it's warmer than yesterday, we aren't going to wear them today, either. We'll see about maybe tomorrow if it's a little warmer."

I sighed with relief when he agreed. There was no arguing, he just got dressed.

Since it's not quite so drafty in here this afternoon, the kids are all (even Vienna's friend who is playing here today) dressed up in their summer-dress-best, and porter has changed into a short sleeve shirt and has his pants pulled up like shorts. At least he's wearing his snowboots - ha!

Porter & Vienna, taken just a couple minutes before posting :)
Oh, I'm so thankful that the kids have great imaginations and enjoy being themselves (and can imagine it's summertime)...even when sometimes I don't let them ;)


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