Thursday, February 28, 2013

WAHM Month - Introducing MamaBaby Threads

~What is your business’ name?
MamaBaby Threads
Handcrafted for mom and a mom and her baby!
~What kinds of products or services do you offer?
We sew a variety of items including:
* Knit & Woven Wrap Baby Carriers
* Knit Rebozos: For Late Pregnancy & Labor Use
* Before & After Labor Skirts
* Aromatherapy Neck Rolls & Square Packs
* Swaddle Blankets: Light & Warm Weights
* Baby Burpies & Bibs
* No Slip Headbands
* Anything Leashes
* Infinity & Open-End Scarves
* Uh-Oh Packs
* Mama Cloth
* Various Custom Made Items

Recently, we also added a very limited selection of Baptismal Blankets. 

~How and why did you get started with your business?
We started out sewing a few things here and there as new grand-kiddos joined our family. Soon friends began to ask my daughter, "Where did you get that?", immediately followed by, "Can I get one too?". And that's when MamaBaby Threads was born.  Now we sew for our family and many, many others as well!

~How do you balance it all? Family, activities, working from home, etc?
We have very busy lives, so scheduling our *WAHM work days* requires that we be flexible in order to work around our individual out-of-home jobs, families, and home responsibilities.  We love the creative outlet that sewing *from scratch* provides and really enjoy what we do, so spending time together is a win-win!  Researching, developing, creating and sharing together is such fun…we are truly blessed!!   

~Do you have any advice for other Work At Home Moms?
I learned a long time ago that being able to say, *I made it myself!* is very powerful… and rewarding!!  As important as it is, we will always have more laundry to do, more meals to cook, more noses to wipe, etc, etc…so creating something  (and ultimately selling it) can serve as a tangible reminder that we do have many talents in addition to those that revolve around the daily care of family and home!  Also, remembering to cut yourself some slack for life’s* unpredictable’s* is a must!  

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