Thursday, September 13, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Participating Business - Bamboobies!

Each of the businesses that are participating in the online scavenger hunt at the end of this month have been invited to be a featured business on our blog. So, the first business we will be featuring is Bamboobies! We know how much you love their wonderful nursing pads, but what do you know about their company? Well, wonder no more...

What is the name of your business and what products do you make (or services do you provide)?
Bamboobies makes soft, comfortable, sustainable breastfeeding products. Our products include Bamboobies regular and overnight nursing pads, the Chic Nursing Shawl, Boob-ease Therapy Pillows, and Boob-ease Natural Nipple Balm.

What makes your products or services stand out – what makes them special?
Our nursing pads are the softest pads available, and the only fabric nursing pads with a milk-proof backing.  All of our products are made of sustainable materials and are produced using Fair Trade labor practices in Colorado.

Tell us about the history of your business/company…how did it start?
The story of Kerry Gilmartin, Bamboobies founder and Breastfeeding Mom of Three:

"Armed with a business degree, an entrepreneurial background and exciting products and mission, I've taken off running... I've started other businesses, but I've never felt so committed and excited.  

Nursing my children for the last 4+ years has enabled me to develop great products -- and has kept me grounded.  I didn't have an easy time breastfeeding in the beginning and I hope to help others with the new challenges of motherhood as others have helped me.

Hearing that Bamboobies helped a new mother's cracked nipple heal -- that a woman felt she could continue to nurse because of our products makes my day!  

I haven't done it alone:  
My thanks goes out to all the new-mom testers, our seamstresses, our sales and marketing team, our first retailers, our lactation consultants, our fellow mom-preneur pals and my ever-supportive husband and family.

Designing the perfect Bamboobies and nursing wraps with fun, hip marketing has been challenging, but we've finally done it! " 

If you are a small business or Work at Home Mom, tell us how you make it all work with your family, kiddos, activities, and other life obligations
Here is a link to an interview from Working Mother magazine, in which founder Kerry Gilmartin talks about work family balance:

Her top 4 lessons are:
1 Don’t quit your day job. Creating a business takes lots of time and money. Working at your 9-to-5 ensures you’ll have enough cash to cover the cost of your new business’s needs without dipping into your household funds.

2 Stagger your investment. By making small financial investments in your business over time, you’ll make better-informed decisions and be less likely to blow through your savings.

3 Seek wise-mommy advice. I’ve received great tips from fellow mom entrepreneurs on what it takes to grow a business and what mistakes to avoid. Women are the greatest resource for sharing information.

4 Set goals. It’s motivating to have reachable short-term goals. Once you accomplish your immediate objective, work toward the next one. There’s no end to the number of goals you can have for your business.

How can someone find out more about your products/services? What is your website?

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