Thursday, September 6, 2012

Don't Miss Out!!

Ok, so this month is going to be a great one here on the blog!

We are holding (are you ready for this??) Online Scavenger Hunt!!! Woot!!

Ok, so what in the world is an online scavenger hunt, you ask?

Well, let me explain a little (official rules will be posted on our website later this month - just check out our "Upcoming Events" link from our home page):

  • We have many businesses who will be participating in our event. 
  • Each business is contributing something to our grand prize
  • To enter for your chance to win, you, our "Players" will have to find an icon (that will be revealed later) on each of our participating business' websites.
  • Once you find each hidden icon, you just enter the link to the page that you found it on in the form that will be provided.
Everyone who enters all links correctly will be entered to win our grand prize, which will be a combination of wonderful things from all of our participating businesses!

Leading up to the actual hunt (which will take place the last week in September), we will be featuring the participating businesses right here on the blog, so be watching for all of the great businesses and products available to win and purchase!

So, get ready for some September FUN here - and don't miss out!!


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