Monday, September 24, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Participant - IttyBitty Lydi

What is the name of your business and what products do you make (or services do you provide)? IttyBitty Lydi
I have expanded recently to make a variety of products, from Tutu's, Headbands, Women's hats, Princess/Birthday Lace Crowns, Chunky Toddler necklaces, OH and dont forget about Barefoot Sandals!

What makes your products or services stand out – what makes them special?
I strive for quality and uniqueness. I guess you can say I have crafting ADD....I cant make the same thing over and over, I am always looking for the next big thing, and working to make my products stand out with attention to detail
Tell us about the history of your business/company…how did it start?
It started around Octo 2008. I started with a small group of moms on Hyena Cart called Growing up Green.

If you are a small business or Work at Home Mom, tell us how you make it all work with your family, kiddos, activities, and other life obligations
Some months are better than others. When my husband is working a lot of overtime during the summer months, or at his 2 week guard camp, it's pretty hard to get much done with 2 kiddos running around (1 and 4 years). It's a lot of juggling and getting products finished up during nap time, and after bedtime. Not only is my business MAKING things, it's also a LOT about social media, and getting great product photos too ...and research

How can someone find out more about your products/services? What is your website?
If you are local, stop in to Elegant Mommy. I have a HUGE amount of product there at any given time, otherwise:
and of course facebook

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