Friday, September 14, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Participant - Stolen Moments Photography

Business name: Stolen Moments Photography 

Services: I offer quality and affordable sessions and pictures. I do Engagements, weddings, seniors, maternity, newborns, kids, family, friends, couples, and special events. If you have an idea of something you need photographed (even if it is not listed) please don't hesitate to contact me! 

What makes my business stand out: Every session is custom to the client(s). There is no such thing as the 'same' photo shoot. I try to implement creative new ideas and I promise to make the session fun, easy, and worth your time and money! 

How my business started: I babysit alot, and I have always loved taking pictures of the kids I watch (with their parents approval of course) just being themselves, playing, and being kids! Parents started asking to see the pictures and they loved them. They asked if I would take their family pictures, pictures at their first birthday party, ect. I started out doing them for free and I made a quick and simple Facebook page for the families to see the pictures I had taken. Random strangers began finding my page and asking how much I charged. I soon decided to start Stolen Moments Photography as a business with the help from my best friend (Stacy). She is my assistant and has been a HUGE part of this business and why it's so sucessful. She helps me whenever I need it. I am now doing about 5 sessions a week. I have only been doing this 9 months and I've done over 60 sessions and have 3 weddings booked. 

This is me!
How I make it work: The crazy part about this all is...I am a junior in high school and running the business between friends, family, sports, babysitting, and the other demands of being a young teen high school girl. My life is often very crazy and busy but I love what I do and I can't imagine any other life. The key for me is to find a good balance between school, friends/family, sports and running the business.

Business info:
Facebook page name: Stolen Moments Photography (By: Brianna Claassen)
                     Phone: 605-553-4211

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