Saturday, September 29, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Participant - MamaBaby Threads

What is the name of your business and what products do you make (or services do you provide)?

MamaBaby Threads
Handcrafted for mom and a mom and her baby!
* Knit & Woven Wrap Baby Carriers
* Knit Rebozos: For Late Pregnancy & Labor Use
* Before & After Labor Skirts
* Aromatherapy Neck Rolls & Square Packs
* Swaddle Blankets: Light & Warm Weights
* Baby Burpies & Bibs
* 'BandanaBand' Hair Bands
* Anything Leashes
* Infinity & Open-End Scarves
* Uh-Oh Packs
* Mama Cloth
* Various Custom Made Items

Tell us about the history of your business/company…how did it start?
We started out sewing a few things here and there as new grand-kiddos joined our family. Soon friends began to ask my daughter, "Where did you get that?", immediately followed by, "Can I get one too?". And that's when MamaBaby Threads was born. We are now joined by a daughter-in-law as well.
I grew up in a fairly large family (the first of eleven children) and learned about sustainability and resourceful living long before it was a part of popular conversation!  At MamaBaby Threads, we continue many of the practices I learned years ago.
Priority #1 is to not be wasteful. We cut so as to make full use of our fabrics, that is, with as little as possible getting sent to the "scrap pile".  Since we preshrink almost all fabric, there will be no surprises for the customer; but it does mean that sometimes we are!  In most cases, we are able to make the fabric may be a little narrower or shorter, but the main purpose will not be affected.

What makes your products or services stand out – what makes them special?
We are very particular about workmanship.  After preshrinking, we straighten the grain of all fabrics before cutting to eliminate twisted or lopsided items.  We also hand-tie and triple-knot all thread ends.  These steps require extra time on our end, but help ensure our customers have products that will last.
If you are a small business or Work at Home Mom, tell us how you make it all work with your family, kiddos, activities, and other life obligations

We all have very busy lives, so scheduling *work days* requires that we be flexible.  We really enjoy what we do and are especially committed to helping moms (and dads) safely and comfortably wear their babies.

How can someone find out more about your products/services? What is your website?

We are on facebook at   Call us at 507-347-3229 and let us know if we can answer any questions.  We love sewing something special for moms and babies!

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