Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving. We are Thankful For YOU.

Here at Elegant Mommy we cannot be more thankful for two things.  One is the continued growth and awareness of natural parenting and the benefits that it reaps for the parent and child.  We have always advocated attachment parenting, we bring our kids to work with us, and we want to be the source of support for you, our valued customers.  Our customers, both new and continued are another source of gratitude.  You inspire us to new heights as we work on being a resource for you from everything to yours and your childrens' needs.

When we started in 2007, as a web based business and then grew from literally out of the garage and into our own store front, we knew that we couldn’t ‘just be’ another store.  We felt that the parents of Sioux Falls needed a place to comfortably learn about all the ins and outs of parenting and that not everybody needs to be ‘the perfect parent’!  Nobody is!  We’re learning and growing right beside you and your little ones, which is something we couldn’t be more thrilled about!

So, thank you, to our community.  You have embraced us  and given us the ability to provide everything from cloth diapers to La Leche League meetings to cute, gently used clothes for the mama who needs a bit of growing room for two!  Thank you also to everyone and every business that supports us and helps us get better each and every day. 

The ability to continue learning and growing is what we are forever after, for both our customers and ourselves.  Happy Thanksgiving, Sioux Falls, South Dakota and have a lovely holiday season.  We are busting at the seams with new ideas every day of how we can better serve you.  There is nothing a person can be more grateful for than to be of service.
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