Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Co-Sleeping- Shelly's Take

Here, you'll see both Shelly and I, Sara Rose, writing from time to time when we have differing or similar feelings on the same issues.  We already ready about co-sleeping for me, now let's hear from Shelly!  Remember what Shelly and I always say when reading our blogs, things like co-sleeping, etc., may not be for you and that's just fine!  We love you just the same!  Let's all be supportive with the decisions we make as parents because sometimes, everyone could use a pat on the back and hearing "You are doing just fine!"

Co sleeping is something that never even crossed my mind not to do, although my parents never co slept with myself or my siblings. I knew that I felt strongly about not letting my children “Cry It Out”. My husband and I both agreed when our first child was born that whenever they felt they needed Mom and Dad we would love them in our bed, if that is where we all felt the most comfortable.

I remember being asked, “How do you expect to be intimate with your husband when you have a child in your bed?” I don’t think I need to expand a whole lot on this subject, but we have 3 children (2 of them only being 13 months apart) so there are ways to get creative. In 2011 my husband and I will celebrate our 10th anniversary and we have always found ways to keep the love alive in our marriage, even while co-sleeping with our children.

My children still to this day know that they are always welcome in our bedroom. They know the rules about where is okay to look and not jumping on the bed, etc; however, if they feel the need to get some cuddle time from Mom or Dad when they wake up in the morning, they are welcome and they always will be.
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