Friday, December 17, 2010

Our favorite holiday cookies recipes!

I thought I'd put up a list of links to holiday cookies that are tried and true both for family holiday noshing and perfect gift giving!  Enjoy!

-Chocolate Crinkles.  Though as of recent, I've had some serious Betty Crocker recipe fails, honestly, their crinkles are fantastic!  You can even add in chocolate chips or chunks to make them far more decadent.  They are the perfect pairing to a mug of coffee, cocoa, or something equally warm and merry!

-Nutmeg Sugar Cookies.  A way to dress up sugar cookies? Naaaah, they're perfect as they are!  Which I usually agree with BUT, the addition of nutmeg makes this time tested recipe feel a little more elegant.

-Molasses Gingerbread Cookies.  I'm a big fan of the regular, delicious gingerbread cookie myself too but molasses softens these up nicely and adds another dash of elegance.  They're just as fun to cut out and decorate, so dreams of gingerbread men dancing still can come true for you and your family too!

-Jam-Filled Wreath cookies.  These are secretly my all time favorite Christmas cookies.  Merry little wreaths decorated with sanding sugar or chopped walnuts that have sweet centers filled with your choice of varieties of jams.  I personally LOVE filling them with apricot, cherry, or fig jams.  I was REALLY amazed to discover that the recipe my family uses is incredibly similar to this Czechoslovakian recipe.

-Holiday Bark. A fellow blogger, Sarah from Pink of Perfection, first tasted these at her monthly book club and while holiday bark may not be cookies, it is endlessly delicious and giftable.  It's also INCREDIBLY easy to make!

-Candy Cane Cookies.  Infinitely entertaining for the kids to help you make, 100% delicious, and yet again, totally giftable.  You won't believe how easy these are to make!

Help our list grow!  What are your favorite Christmas cookies and can you share recipes?  There are so many different kinds that our readers are certain to feel need to be added to our list and we're completely anxious to try them out too!

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