Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Best Gifts for the Expecting Mama

I was a strange expecting mama both times I was pregnant.  I didn’t really care for showers and still don’t.  The idea of oohing and aahing for hours over baby clothes and diaper cakes left me a bit cold.  Call me stingy but I would have rather had little parties to celebrate life in general.  I happened to be pregnant both times over my birthday (with my son, giving birth the very next day) and had lovely little birthdays each time.  Each time I was given things that pertained to helping me feel wonderful and enjoy my pregnancy just a bit more.

Don’t get me wrong.  I know that baby showers are all the rage, they just weren’t for me.  I wonder often why we don’t have parties that celebrate the mama-to-be because she is, after all, doing a lot of hard work!  Growing a baby is often exhausting work and as self-less as that may be, isn’t it nice to receive something once in awhile that is just for you? 

I was thinking about that these past few days and thought of a few gifts for the mama to be.  Some are just for mama, some are for both baby and mama, and some are for the baby too.  All are focused on making life just a bit easier for everyone involved.  I think it’s important to give mama gifts that help her relax and remember the fantastic lady that she is.  I think most of us agree to that too.

At Elegant Mommy, on our website- if you find the PERFECT gift for your mama-to-be, please feel free to get a 10% discount!  At the checkout use this code: emomsf  **Also, please make sure that you are using this code ONLY if you are following us on twitter!  Please be sure to respond in the comments with your twitter handle so that we can follow you too!  Thanks!  Our twitter handle is @ElegantMommySF so you can follow us too.**

-Gifts ideas for mama herself:

-Prenatal massage  Check out Sioux Falls Therapeutic Massage!
-A gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure.  A list of nail salons are here.
-A gift certificate to a local movie store or theatre.  You could always gift mama a month or two of Netflix, depending on your budget too!
-How about a gift certificate for a new haircut and color?
-A book that she’s always wanted to read. Here's a list of all the great local places to shop for a new or used book for her, here in Sioux Falls!
-A new pillow and pretty, soft pj’s.  Check out places like Victoria's Secret, Kohls, Elegant Mommy, and even Target!
-Soon, mama will need a new wardrobe.  An Elegant Mommy gift card, perhaps? ;)
-We got useful gift cards to local businesses, grocery stores, and even gas stations from friends and family!  How thoughtful is that, to think of the expenses we ourselves might overlook from being tired and possibly low on funds!

-Gifts for mama and baby
-Belly casting kit- You can sign up at Elegant Mommy to do a special belly cast that you decorate and keep!
-Frozen meals, so she can stock her freezer for those nights when cooking seems to be hopeless.
-‘Coupons’ for an hour of babysitting or other necessary tasks.  (Trust me, mama might just need this)
-A gift basket with gentle lotions, bubble baths, etc., for mama and baby to both have relaxing baths.
-A lovely cover for breast feeding in public, or other essentials, like comfy nursing bras, cute shirts that are easy to feed in, or if you want to splurge, a great pump might come in handy!  Check both at Elegant Mommy and Kid Stuff Superstore.

-Gifts for baby
-A ‘starter pack’ of cloth diapers.
-Diapers and wipes in the brands that mama and daddy prefer.
-The perfect knitted blankie or quilt.  Check out Etsy or ask around, chances are you know someone who knits!  (Like me!)
-A baby food grinder or steamer for mama to easily make her own food for baby, along with cool storage for homemade baby food.
-Never underestimate the power of a gift card for mama or baby!  You might just save them if there's a middle of the night emergency diaper run!

Now, remember our sale, and it runs through December 15th!  Also, never under estimate the power of the simplest gift, which is you being there, ready with a listening ear, a shoulder on which to lean, and a hug for everybody.  We all need a little extra love some days!

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